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Need to pass a urine test in 4 days... help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by WizardStoner, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I'm 5' 6" and weigh 145 pounds. I smoked 2 days ago and 2 days before that. I have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, and I've urinating a lot! I've cut down my diet to a lean, healthy diet. And I just took a test today and failed. Next test in 4 days so I need to pass and some tips would be really helpful. I've heard you can take a few aspirin an hour before the test to create a false negative, does it work? Thanks :bongin:
  2. You're fucked.

    Haha, no, but really...you're fucked.
  3. I took a cap of bleach and poured it into a glass of milk and passed 2 drug tests in rehab. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, as bleach IS POISONOUS to the body. It basically burns everything it touches inside you including your internal organs. On the other hand you can go buy cranberry pills, and cranberry juice (real cranberry juice). Drink TONS of cranberry juice that's what i'd recommend. OR what works is using some clean pee, putting it into some kind of small bottle, and buying a glove warmer from a as station and wrap it around the bottle to keep it warm.
  4. If you already failed your test, who cares about passing in 4 days.
  5. He failed a home test that he used to check.

    Now, the poster above did have a good point about the bleach. However, don't drink it. Like he said, that's poisonous. What you'll want to do is carry a dropper of bleach with you to where you take the drug test, and drop 1 or 2 drops of bleach into your urine. It should produce a negative.

    Be warned that if it is a high quality test, it will show that it is neither negative nor positive, and you'll have to take another test at a later date. If it keeps coming up as neither negative nor positive, then they'll test you in a different way. And THEN you'll be screwed.
  6. Do a thread search for my AZO thread.

    I passed a test 3 days after smoking.

  7. no ive passed a dt 2 days after i smoked. all i did was drink a shit load of water and ran alot those two days. never was i so happy to pass a dt
  8. Yeah...or you could just not smoke for about a month and not have to worry about it...

  9. Ya thats the best advice lol, but hey to be 14 again haha
  10. do what your doing plus lots of exercise,
    if need be:

    One time I smoked at abou 11 at night and passed a drug test at 2 the next afternoon, right about noon I chugged half a pint of apple vinegar, it was disgusting and fucked up my throat for a couple days but I pissed clean!:hello:
  11. I admire you bro, I took a SIP of apple cider vinegar and threw up immediately. Half a pint? atta boy
  12. Alright, No one has mentioned it so far, but you should give synthetic urine a try.
    Grasscity sells it online, or you can pick it up from a headshop.
    Granted not all headshops sell it, but the ones around me do.
    CleanUrin - One Pack - English - Grasscity.com

    Make sure you carefully follow the instructions, because the urine must be heated to a certain temperature, to imitate that of real urine.
  13. I bumped that for you ;)
  14. your screwed man unless you substitute or really dilute it.
  15. If you really need to pass, go down to the closest smoke
    shop and buy some synthetic urine. Quick Fix is the most reliable. It'll cost anywhere between $20-40. I get tested every 10 days and Quick Fix has never failed me...
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    How much do the pills cost? And would they sell them at Walgreens or CVS? Btw, if I just use Aspirin and the bleach method, would that work? P.S. Not drinking it but 3 drops in the pee.
  17. Theres alot of good advice in here. My friend did bleach balls, and passed them all. I also would like to know some good tricks.
  18. Just drink a shit ton of water, like 5 gallons and a whole bunch of cranberry juice and green tea before the test, you'll pass. Youll piss straight nothing

  19. Drink 3-4 gallons of water. Poor one table spoon of creatine in each of them so it doesnt look like you've been trying to flush out. Go to the sauna, or work out is highly recommended adding to the water. Good luck!
  20. Whats a bleach ball? Does it really work?

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