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Need to pass a DT this week :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by livin420, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. My parents found my friends bud in my car and then searched and found five grams of my shit. I convinced them its not mine but they were sayin they know ive done it before and shit but they want to get me 'checked out' because I have shaky hands and shit. So I guess they want to take me to the doctors sometime this week. They didnt really mention testing me though they just said 'get checked out' and i told them to give me an at home drug test but they said they woudl talk about it with me later. I searched but I figure i should give my body info and shit, I smoke pretty often like 4-5 days a week and the last time i did was last night and i am about 5' 9" give or take, 130 lbs. What should i do? And the doctor would give me a pee test right, not a hair or blood? Thanks in advance everybody.
  2. There's a pill called Niacin, but you have to take that for a couple days. But if you know its coming you can always drink water until your pee is clear. Once it is clear you're pretty much peeing water. My sister has passes many of tests by chugging water and i know people who passed the military drug test by taking Niacin.
  3. Find one of your friends who is deffinitly clean of THC. Ask HIm to piss in a cup for you. Take it to the doctors with you and have your friends piss in your pocket in a closed cup. Then the doctor will tell you to go in a different room to piss. Just pour your friends piss into the cup. Give it to the Doc and your all set. It should work thats what i would do
  4. If you are over 18, just tell them you don't feel like taking a test.
  5. Just be honest with your parents i mean jesus whats the big deal. If they already suspect it then who cares and you won't have to go through all this stealthy bullshit
  6. yea seriously, idk why people keep bitching about their parents and shit like they're still kids.
  7. If you take the test and test +, then they will have a piece a paper to remind them you are a (POTHEAD:eek:). Like last dude said,(edit two dudes up) just come clean with them.
  8. Well I convinced them it wasnt my bud, she was like i know youve smoked before blah blah and i am on the skinny side and i have always been shaky but they are tryin to say its cause I smoke, and so they want to get me 'checked out' but I have to go because I am still with my parents right now so it is a big deal lol. But I heard about azos and apparently they cause cancer, i dont want to do niacin, so i may be dropping the cash for a detox or getting a friends piss. but what about synthetic urine?

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