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Need to Pass a Drug Test in 2 weeks from now

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ropat301, May 5, 2016.

  1. Hey GrassCity,

    -Height : 6'0"
    -Wt: 148 lbs

    Heres the background story:

    I stopped smoking from 3/11-4/20 because I had to pass a drug test that day. I took it, and I never heard from my employer for weeks if I passed. On 4/25 I started smoking heavy up until 5/2 so about a whole week. In this week, I smoked 1/8th by myself one day, and took 3 75 mg edibles 3 other days and smoked about 1 gram a day the other 3 days. So i have only been smoking from 4/25-5/3 and had been clean for about 5 weeks before that.

    I found out Tuesday that my results were negative dilute and I have to retake the test and I have to take it on May 16th. I have been running about 4 miles a day, 2 miles on an elliptical, and about 15 minutes in a sauna since that tuesday. I have also been drinking almost a gallon of water each day and 2 big mugs of cranberry juice a day. Will I pass the drug test by continuing this routine or do I need to do more?

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