need to order online but live with parents

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  1. Im about to leave for college and I want to order a new bong before leaving. I cant do it when I get there because there is no delivery to my area and no headshops around. Does anyone know if I can get a PO Box and have it delivered to there?
  2. that seems like a lot of work just to get one package.

    Just order it and you can track your shipment, make sure to be home when it arrives. Or have it mailed to a friends house/apartment where nobody will care/ask questions.
  3. when i was at college id have them shipped to my dorm no one really cared either
  4. Im not just gettin one thing. As to ordering to my dorm I cant do that cause no one delivers to my area
  5. Where the fuck is your dorm? UPS, FedEx, DHL, NOBODY comes to that area?
  6. Im lookin at the GC shop and apparently they dont deliver to pitt

  7. nobody delivers to pa...

    just google for some local headshops.
  8. They deliver to pitt, I live right outside the campus and they delivered to me.
  9. Fuck this then, I was lookin at another forum and it said they didnt
  10. Just have it shipped to your house. GC is discrete about packaging.
  11. Yeah, as long as your parents aren't the type that go around snooping through your packages and things you'll be fine shipping home.

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