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Discussion in 'General' started by PipeUp, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hey :)
    18, wanna move out..
    don't know if its possible at my ate.. in my area anyway..

    i currently don't have a job.
    getting ones probably going to be hard with this ressesion crap.

    but i really want to move out, get my own apartment so i dont need to go to my friends and smoke weed.

    also, i'd be able to start growing my own stuff!
    free weed for everyone! haha:smoking:

    So, if i get a fulltime job, would it be afforbable?
  2. Get a job, then move out. I tried doing it the other way. Friends invited me to move in, I did, couldn't find work, was on my ass again.

    But with a full time job you shouldn't have much of a problem as long as you're making at least 700 a month and you got a cheap ass place.

    And most places in the states here, pretty sure all you have to be is 18 to get your own place. Parents will most likely have to co-sign a lease, depending on your credit and renting history (guessing you have neither).

    Best of luck
  3. Depending on how ghetto/cheap of a place your lookin at and how many roomates you might have to get your parents to co-sign with you.

    FYI - I've lived in an apartment w/ roomates and was gettin ripped the fuck off with rent!! Do yourself a favor and do some harrrrd looking before deciding.

    And I'd go for a house with maybe 3-5 roomates. Shit there's a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom duplex going for 600 down the street from me.. I was paying 500 dollars a month *individual leases* with 3 roomates. That's right. A 1500 dollar apartment and was tiny as hell. Fuck that noise, get a cheap rent house with a nice back yard.

    And yea, find a job first. Good luck.

    Oh, and it does get pretty hard some times.. But the freedom is totalllllly worth it :hello:
  4. moving out just so you could smoke weed freely??... not a good thing my friend. You're only 18, no credit history or anything, you're gonna need your parents to pretty much support you on alotta things including being the cosigner of the lease. You aint got no job either, well you might get one as a line cook or something low wage like that... depending where u live, apartment rent can be extremely pricey.
  5. QFT
    I mean,why not just go with a house,man?Get a buddy or two to be roommates with and that would work out pretty good.If all 3 can make a grand a month,that would be plenty.And a grand a month isn't hard to make.
  6. omg...I was where you are right now 3 years ago. All I can tell you is, stay home and save money.

    1.get a job
    4. lifes expensive, you gettin the hint? SAVE!
    5. now move out

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