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  1. My plants about 11/12 weeks old she’s about 5 feet tall the soil is 30-10-10 (Ik very high in nitrogen) I have buds starting almost everywhere on my plant I’m trying to gather some information on how I’m gonna harvest and cure my buds

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  3. You have a long way until harvest it’s just starting to flower I’d say your on like 15-20 of flower. So you have like 60 days or more if it’s Sativa. After harvesting I take off big fan leaves and hang the whole plant to dry for 10 days in 50-60rh 65-70 degrees.

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  4. I’ve already taken off most of the big fan leave on the bottom and yeah day 17 of flowering also what is rh and is that Celsius or Fahrenheit

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  5. I was reading about this yesterday. Are you thinking about keeping the plant? My goal is to grow something on my deck as well, but I’m still struggling to get past seedling stage. ‍♀️ I suck at growing, and personally plan to keep the plant alive if any ever actually live through to flowering. This is what I read about that yesterday. The Pros And Cons Of Regeneration - RQS Blog

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  6. 7 to 8 weeks before a harvest there.

    Learn from the GREAT UNIVERSITY OF YOUTUBE....I graduated 4 grows ago...
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