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  1. What are the very first signs of the sex of the female or male? I"m talking about what are the first things that pop up when your making it flower?
  2. HIGH All, on a female you'll see two little white hairs coming from the main stalk...where the branch's meets the main stalk. The male you'll see a little ball coming from the same area. A magnifying glass works great!
  3. its hard to tell but are they white as soon as they show up or is it green first then slowly turing white as it grows? they dont look like little balls i just need to know more info

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  5. I got your PM at a very high time 420...I merged the threads and then it was one big fucked up thread so I ended up deleting the posts that were all confusing after it merged.

    Anyway, this is the result. Continue on...

  6. OK thanks for the pics shade tita and now i know i deffinately have a female those two little white hairs are finally showing up... YES!!!!!! LATA

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