Need to know if this is male or female

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I'm a first time grower not sure if this is a make or female can anyone help?

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  1. First time grower need to know if my plant is male or female

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  2. Male. Kill it.
  3. Agree it's a male:frown:...
  4. Sorry man only if your plant could talk
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  5. Male, get rid of that lil fucker now. Chop him up and dump that thing in a trash far far away.
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    The multiple "balls," or pollen sacks, are when you know you have a male for sure. I'm a first time grower as well but not this far along, also having trouble determining sex. It's kind of early, but I have limited grow space and need to boot any males ASAP. This is my most developed plant, seeds were germinated April 7th, don't know much about them since they were bag seeds, and I've run into problems at every corner; fungus gnats, nutrient deficiencies, nutrient toxicities, they're a bit stunted for 7 weeks. I read the stickied Sexing thread before I even started my seeds, as well as many other sources on sexing, so I suspect it is male from the claw-like, striped pre-flowers, and I think I see a small stem, but I'm too inexperienced to be confident in throwing it out, as it is my nicest plant. I know height and development can be indicators of males, but this plant is not much taller than any of the other plants and it showed preflowers before the others because it's under a CFL bulb and the others are growing more slowly under a blurple light. Preferably I could throw this one out if it's a dude and get another plant under the CFL lamp, so the sooner the better!

    New to the forum so I didn't know if I should make a new thread for myself, so I figured I could just post here. These pictures were taken through my jeweler's loupe at the fourth node. The preflowers have been showing for a few days now. I know experienced growers are able to tell sex much earlier than novices like me, so I appreciate if any experienced growers could put in their 2 cents.

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  7. Balls

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  8. That's a transgender plant................jk
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  9. Come on man it's 2019, you can joke about that. :D
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    Edit: re reading my post and i totally fucked up what i was saying.
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