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need to know if i got ripped off...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsPunch, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. i usually don't buy from this kid but he said it was dank and it smelled to high heaven.

    took it home and packed a bowl in a glass bong and it was super smooth. i didn't smoke much but it was an immediate body buzz and head buzz. no mental and i thought it was wierd so i checked and no real pupil dialation.

    here's the best pics i could take. i spose it got me high, but it's not what i expected from "dank".... i guess i could try some more :)

    also, it's not that dense, this and another small bud was an 1/8

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  2. Thats dank but did you see it weighed an 1/8th is 3.5g and what you have looks like a half 1/8 of some dank

    how much you pay for it?
  3. looks like it may be a bit short i say smoke some more:smoking:
  4. there's another nug about half that size. paid $60 for it.

    funny thing is i can get a 1/2 for $60 thru my normal guy and i think it's better... it's compressed but the high's different i think.

    maybe not, i smoked some more and i'm pretty happy. i think i smoked too little the first time. never had anything that wasn't compressed.
  5. oo well if theres another nug half that size its probably pretty decent but 60 bucks an eithth is crazy here i pay 30 for nice bud like OG,lemon kush, dynamite i unno it changes all the time personnaly if i was getting halfs for 60 i would never buy from another dealer ever again

    and in my experience when i smoke very little i just get woken up and chilled out not high
  6. i spose "little" was too vague lol.

    it's seems pretty good
  7. Looks and sounds like purple kush, which is an indica high. You wont get much or any mind high at all. A great body buzz, though.
  8. btw, thanks guys
  9. It looks good to me.
  10. It looks like a little shady for $60 but I wouldn't say you got 'ripped off' as such, but I'd definitely go to the guy you can get 1/2s off in future if the quality of the high isnt much differrent.

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