need to hide my pipe

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  1. I'm taking a roadtrip in a few days and I wanted to take my pipe with me but the route I take leads to a check point where they search you and any big bags, I'll just be taking a backpack though so I was hoping I could use deodorant or something along those lines?
  2. rolling papers dont risk it.
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    someone posted something that made me search ice pipes, I forget which thread but I found these:

    perfect for you.
    I'd be more worried about the weed than the pipe though.
  4. If it's a search point best believe they know about all the little stealthy stash jars disguised as every day objects or hiding shit in deodorants. 
    Hate to break it to ya but looks like you are going to have to hoop it. LOL
  5. i wudnt risk it. not woth it. either tape it to ur dick beeofr the checkpoint. or just bring a whole bag of apples to use as pipes
  6. i wouldnt risk anything like that
    papers or blunt wraps
  7. Where are you going that has a checkpoint like that. Are you crossing international boarders and if so don't bring a bong with you

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    Buy a lollibowl. If anyone asks its a funny lollipop.
    Spencers sells them for like 6 bucks and actually work pretty good
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  9. It's not the pipe you have to worry about, it's the weed. I carried a wrapped vapor curve with a TI skillet on it onto an airplane once . I didn't want to risk it breaking in my luggage, it was never used, and I didn't have any weed on me. Security asked a couple questions, which I answered politely, they thoroughly checked my carry on bag, and they let me go, vapor curve and all. At worst they probably could have confiscated it.
  10. Where do you live? It is illegal to search if you are in America. Like even if you are crossing the boarder to Mexico or to Canada they can't search you because you are still in the USA. Look up refusing searches at checkpoints on YouTube.

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  11. Sorry it had to come to this but it may be your only choice. I suggest you wipe first and maybe prepare with a butt-plug. Don't bring anything pointy and no lighters. Last thing you need is the smell of burnt dingleberries in the car. Thankfully most glass pipes are shaped like a dick so it should fit right in. If the officer says anything and tries to search your butthole tell him you don't consent and if he goes through with it bring him to court for rape. Foolproof plan. Unless you gotta take a dump on the way there then you are screwed.
  12. If you hide it in coffee grounds the dogs cant smell pot or rezed pieces the coffee over powers the smell

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  13. Just clean the pipe spotless before you leave for the trip, put it in plastic shopping bag, clean beforr you leave to return home, put back in plastic shopping bag. If anyone asks say you just bought it and it is for tabacco use only.its not illegal tohave clean glass pipes. Only dirty ones.
  14. Put it in your butt
  15. Don't listen to this guy. Not trying to be a dick just don't want you to get busted. Dogs can smell weed through anything don't bother trying to hide it in anything. If you put your stuff in a grocery bag with some meat the officer might think the dog is just hungry but don't be suprised if he still searches the bag and finds it. It would be dumb for him not to. If you deep fried all your stuff and put it in kfc chicken bucket though it just might work.
  16. I've wanted to do the same on a trip to Maryland. Now I realize I can bring a pen and a thick plastic bottle from sheetz. And leave my piece at home.

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  17. If you're 18 & it's all clean couldn't you just say it's for tobacco?

    Who Dat!

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