Need to find a bong or get it made.

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to buy or have a bong made. It needs to look like this:




    If you've seen 'Totally Baked' it is the bong from that movie. What I would like is that shape with something like the design on the mouth part. Anybody know where I can get one like that? (I do know that GC has similar ones but they have beaker bottoms and I would like a round one) Either a place to buy one or a custom bong maker would be very nice!

    Keep tokin' :smoke:

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  2. bump for sexy bong structure
  3. 1. take pics to glassblower
    2. pay them to make bong
    3. when they are done making it, go get it
    4. PROFIT!!!!
  4. I would vote for asking blowers. The only ones I know on this forum that may be able to do that size are smilyagent and DWB (ninjapimp)
    You can also look on Glassdistrict for blowers doing tubes that size. Be warned that since that looks to have several sculpted horns as well as some basic color work the tube will probably be fairly pricy to make.
    I've seen styles like that in some local shops though. It may not be exact, but they may have them. They are usually smaller, and not of great quality though...I've only seen a few like that. Most places keep more scientific glass and the newer styles of heady glass.
  5. ive seen similar pieces at headshops. They are around 150-200 bucks.
  6. Hmmm... thanks everyone! I'll look into all of the above :D

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