need to eliminate smell completely

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  1. ima be growing three plants in my bedroom but cant let it smell much as my parents will start tripping. One will be a lowryder the other ak48 and the third im not sure as its from a tikimix. I was wondering what an efficient and proven type of carbon scrubber would eliminate the smell in my room once they start growing. they already started germinating so i need to start planning for when they start smelling.
  2. IF you live with your parents, there is no possible way you can accomplish growing.
  3. well i dont think they'll trip to much as my mom saw the seeds and just questioned me about it the only thing im concerned about is the smell thats the only thing that might make them say something but other than that im ok.
  4. Its gonna stink no matter what, you can just eliminate most of the smell.
  5. na dude, dont grow in your parents house. if for whatever reason you get caught your parents will also be going to jail.

    wait till you have your own place.
  6. And use a carbon filter if your going to grow in their house anyways... if your going to do it, dont do anything stupid like tell anyone because its more than just your ass on the line if you get caught...
  7. would a carbon filter eliminate most of the smell? i just dont want it to leave my room mostly i dont care if my room smells a bit i just dont want it stinking the entire house up?
  8. the smell aint too bad. A slighty skunky smell but it depends on the phase, i dont live at home but i mean, i dont want my room stinking like pot and i have 6 plants pushing into maturity I can smell a little bit of skunky weed when i open my closet but its only really strong when i get my nose right close to it. I would highly advice you start you plants indoor and move them outside (too some forest or farm property) before they get established because there is no lie...mature plants stink! i mean, you figure how much you crave a stinky bud when you smoke so imagine that bursting with resin and shit baking under lamps... pleasent thought.

    Invest in a Carbon Filter or an ionzer if you plan on doing anything indoors...also watch out, if your parents spend any time in your room, they are going to find it......


  9. Don't grow in your parent's house. When a grow is busted, everyone goes to jail.
  10. u want 2 know what works madd well, i was having a similar problem and all i did was put kitty liter at the bottom of the box and by the fans and b4 my entire room smelled terrible and after i couldn't tell a thing, kitty litter is used 2 absorb smells and it does a great job here.

    :hello: NEED HELP FROM EXPERTS PLZZZ!!!!:hello:
    -1st Indoor Soil Grow!!- Pics on pages 3+-
    just started LST and tried FIMin​
  11. dont be dumb,,, take the advice thats been given to you,,,start them inside,,to be moved outside,,,,,,you are not ready for a inside grow,,,,, stealth for you would be impossible,,,,,,dont even waste your time,,,now is not your time GRASSHOPPER,,,you must wait,,,,,,lol thats funny,,,but you sure as hell can get out your pad and pen ,,, do a little research of different grow room designs from big to small,,,make you one on paper so when it is your time youll be 100% ready,, and know exactly whats up with what your going to do,,,,wildest shit i saw( and im into making all my stuff home made if possible) is a refrigerator,,,, the freezer section on top was a vegging/cloning area,,,,,and the bottom door was the flowering area,,,,truly a man after my own heart thought of that shit,,,,, thats just one example,,,,, a indoor grow dont have to be completely inside!!!!!SSSSEEEEEEEYYYYYAAAA
  12. yo---------- if for some reason u did get caught as long as you're parents can prove beyond the benifit of a doubt that they didn't know it was happening in their house nobodys gunna go to jail except for u,,,,, if cops bust in and find a buncha plants growing in ur closet and ur parents said they had No idea it was ther then its you're ass,,, everyone els is just being paranoid...rock on brotha
  13. if you want to destroy any smells and add a little O2 and CO2, then go this route...

    These things absolutely kick ass! I started using them after my buddy showed me his. He has an entire bedroom set up to grow and vents all the exhaust tohis attic. He put two of these up in his attic and you can't smell anything but fresh air.

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