Need to do something about smell for cheap

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Potographer, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Okay so my babie's aren't even in flowering yet but they already smell pretty pungent. I need a cheap way to filter out the smell, any suggestions?
  2. What kind of grow do you have?
  3. What I believe is the best bang for your buck is an ONA bucket. Its quite simple and you just have to put concentrate solution on the gel in the bucket and its like less than $20 and absorbs most smells. I made a DIY one in about an hour using a computer fan, and splicing it to an old 12V phone charger.

    Second, I would say some sort of carbon absorption. You could use a carbon scrubber, but that is a little more, around $50, and you need a high cfm fan to use it well enough. They last a good year or so. If you set up your ventilation correctly, you should be able to just use one of these and eliminate almost all smell. Or you could use carbon filters that attach over fans, which sometimes work. Or a DIY carbon gizmo to help absorb smells.

    3rd, cover ups. Covering up the smell is a last resort, but works to confuse people who might be suspect something. For this, use incense, glade plug ins, febreeze, ect.
  4. Ventalation, ONA gell, if your outdoor then strong smelling flowers like lavender.
  5. Build a carbon filter.
  6. I wold look into the ona bucket as others have said, that is about your cheapest route. Even thats going to run you about $40 or $50. However, if you have quite a few plants go with some type of carbon filter setup, either a bought one or making one yourself. Mine are less than three weeks into veg and already starting to stink up the place. Luckily the smell is staying inside for now.

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