Need to Detox quick? (not an "i have a drug test tomorrow" thread)

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  1. Hey all, deciding to make a lifestyle change. I gotta get off the weed for a while, ohh how ill miss it =/. I'm trying to become an electrician, and I wanna get the ball rolling quick. What's the fastest way to completely detox? Not mask. Like, good foods to eat, what kind of excersice, etc... im gonna keep doing this until i piss clean then start looking for a union job where ill have to be piss tested. yes i know there are fake penises that fill with urine etc etc, but i really just don't want to go through the stress/cost of having to substitute urine or buy detox kits which hardly work anyways. just gonna clean up till i get my master electricians license and start my own contracting company, or until pot is legalized here in TX. I'm sure i could find some excuse to need it medically.. then ill be able to toke all i want! thanks for the advice y'all
  2. how much time are you looking at?
  3. Plenty, i dont even have a job lined up yet and i just put in my license application today, but i want to get detoxed quick. Ive been smoking very heavily for about 8 months now so i know if i just do it naturally it could take up to 45 days. I just wanna be sure that when i get UA'd ill pass without a second thought.
  4. Fill your ass with saline solution, and shit out the whole thing.

    Repeat the process many times.

    You'll be detoxed.
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    sorry to waste your time.
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    That is actually really funny because i just saw an anal enema fetish device at my local headshop xDDD
  7. I don't even want to know man....

  8. my local headshop has alot of wierd shit. they have a whole wall dedicated to disk golf, another for darts, and another for tattoo shit. I was there for the tattoo shit and for some reason there was that very, uhmm, taboo? device hanging near all the tattoo crap. lool
  9. Nasty....

  10. You live in Austin, man? Because I know the Gas Pipe have a wall dedicated to disk golf, a wall for darts, and one for tatts, haha.

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