Need to conceal smell now, 2 ziplocs not working

Discussion in 'General' started by womanizer, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I recently picked up some STANKY hindu kush, I live with my mom still and so does my twin bro, who doesn't blaze. he said it smells in the HALLWAY

    and i have my door closed and its in my stash spot.

    PS: hindu kush smells like ass not dank.

  2. Place the bag of weed in a box filled with dryer sheets?
  3. put the ziplock bag into an empty water bottle. close lid tight.
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    Keep bagging.

    A few bags should be able to handle the smell. Assuming they are full of holes that is

    I keep my shit in pill bottles and then the pill bottles are in an airtight box used for keeping food fresh in the fridge. Its not for large amounts but it holds the smell good
  5. Ditto. Put it into a film canister or prescription pill bottle if it's less than an eighth. These two things work wonderfully against spreading odors and curing bud.

  6. I was picturing one of those small plastic water bottles. I couldnt figure out how the hell you get a bag of weed through the small ass neck lol I know what ya mean though
  7. I did this,

    took an old box of medicinal lotion i never used, remove the actual lotion

    placed the smoke in the box.

    but the box in a leather bag under my bed

    its zipped tight.

    what do you guys think?
  8. i think you're not thinking. All you need is a tupper-ware or ziploc container that's air-tight. They come with covers that are meant to be air-tight. I keep all my stuff in some similar air-tight micro-wave dinner type container that i got at walmart. (And if i opened it, trust me- an eighth of shrooms and an eighth of weed SMELL)

    I mean, if that works, then good job. But stuffing it inside more and more things that aren't air-tight won't really cover the smell.
  9. I'd buy a big can of shit be gone! That will do it........Be cool!
  10. Put it all in one blunt then smoke it outside. Smell gone.
  11. DONT put it in mason jar. My friend did that, and when he went to get a pinch out to toke it stunk up his whole room even worse in a matter of seconds. His mom walked in a little bit later, and BAM got busted.

    I say just roll it up in a couple socks...
  12. besides it smells not like weed.

    If it smells in the morning or something, I'll try a different method.

    thanks all.
  13. That's not a reason to avoid mason jars. No matter what you put your stash in, you'll eventually have to take it out and smoke it, right?:rolleyes:

    Maybe your friend shouldn't have opened the mason jar in his room...just maybe.

    The only thing that matters is that it keeps the smell down when it's stashed. For that purpose, mason jars are hard to beat.
  14. Get a massive jar of coffee, like catering size, put the weed into two ziplocks for safety then make a hole in the coffee and bury that hindu in there.

    Just tell you're mum and you're bro you have become addicted to coffee.:smoke:
  15. I understand what your saying. When I got my QP, I put that shit in mason jars to keep the smell down. I'm just saying I wouldnt use mason jars because it holds so much smell in it, that when opened it smells all through out the house. A couple pair of socks, would help hinder the smell from getting out.

    If you use mason jars, def don't open in the house.

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