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  1. I took 20mg of 5-MeO-AMT last night, 15mg at about 730 and another 5mg around 1130. Had an awesome trip that turned kind of bad for about an hour but then went back to being amazing. The OEVs are just now starting to subside, CEVs are still there, but my mind is fucking RACING.

    I smoked some green and that sort of brought back the trip. I dropped a few pins about an hour and a half ago (2mg) and my head is still going. I knew the trip would last long, and I was fine with that, but I wasn't prepared for what this shit is doing to my brain. It's almost like I can feel every neuron up there firing...can't stop thinking. Everything else is good- pulse is right, no sweating, just my fucking head won't shut up.

    Anybody have any ideas of what I can do? I'm not scared/worried, I'm just annoyed. It's like I'm at a Hannah Montana concert or some shit...that I'm losing my mind
  2. I dont know a hole lot about it but it sure seems like an upper so you could try a bit of a downer, like some alcohol. It might help a bit. You could try other downers too but you might want to not take a lot of anything else because it seems like its hard to find good info about how it reacts with other substances. I cant really think of anything else besides just waiting it out.
  3. The K-pins should kill the trip soon, benzos tend to end trips and put you to sleep nicely so hold it steady and it should be gone pretty soon.
  4. ya you psychonaut, dont stress. time will bring that spinning head down.

    how was it by the way? not expecting a wall of text, but anything in particular that you saw/heard/felt/smelled?
  5. You guys were right, I just needed to give it a bit more time. Feeling much better now. Still wired, but it's a good kind of wired.

    RAZORsharp: I saw/heard/felt/smelled so much man! Everything had a color/taste association: Shpongle's "And the Day Turned Into Night" made everything a real deep, irradescent blue, and left me with a sort of buttery taste/feeling in my mouth. Each song produced something different. Paintings that I have all over my house came to life, plants grew glowing flowers before my eyes, and my walls turned into waterfalls at one point. It seemed like I could control my body temperature just by thinking "I'm hot" or "I'm cold"...and the sunrise over the mountains was something else. The sun was this huge ball of energy that pulsated (to whatever music I was listening to) and each one of those pulsations sent a rainbow flood down the mountains, and a rainbow shockwave over me. That feeling is really was like this first time I had pure MDMA, only 10 times better.

    Amazing stuff. It got rough at one point with some real scary visuals/audio hallucinations, but once that passed I was loving life again.

    Sorry for the wall of text ;)
  6. my mind was racing the same way when i was on shrooms. I felt like i couldnt stop thinking even when i tried to sleep. Until one point my i had to repeat in my in my inner monologue the word "Nothing" over and over so i wouldnt think about anything.
  7. I've never had that problem with shrooms, thankfully. I like to take pretty high doses in the dark in complete silence (a la McKenna) and I'm always absolutely too lost in what's going to really notice all the noise in my head. Usually with shrooms everything just kind of gently tapers off for me, but this 5-MeO-AMT was unreal.
  8. Have any seroquel? That or any low dose atypical should help a ton for you.
  9. antipsychotics would actually make alot of sense.... haha but i wouldn't fuck around with that
  10. If he had 50mg of seroquel it would help end the come down and not mess him up too much.
  11. how would that be mixing it with benzos? that would help a shitton with a bowl of green i think. the ultimate trip come down: 50mg of seroquel, 2mg of xanax/klonopin, a shot of everclear, and a blunt to the dome. haha
  12. I'd personally just take the seroquel and a 1-2mg/kpin. It only ends my shit and leaves me pretty clear headed so I can decide what to do then.

    I used to come down like that and pop some uppers so I wouldn't have to sleep for a few more days lol
  13. lol, do you have hypnophobia or something? haha that's pretty cool, you were using drugs to get from trip state to baseline to being wired haha
  14. Yeah, I'm a huge believer in chemical manipulation. With the right combination of pills you can get/do/be what you need/want.
  15. that is intense, make a church of chemical manipulators.... but that's very true. it's hell on your body though
  16. And there are other vitamins, amino acids, nootropics and other non-narcotics that help with that too ;)
  17. maybe go for a run? get some excerise to maybe focus on something else?
    my only idea hah cause i know it works for me.
  18. the possibilities are endless! idk why people only stick to benzos lol

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