Need to clean system in two weeks urine and hair

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  1. What do I got to take and do to get my hair and urine clean for probation in two weeks been using synthetic for 4 months now never once have I ever faild for it except yesterday it faild for meth don't know how don't know why totally tripping all I got is weed in my system normally used Quick Fix but was cheap yesterday and went with u pass kit it did not register on the thermometer and I know it was halt because before I went in it was sitting at 1:01 took one heat pad off and it was strapped to armpit 10 minutes later did not register po serched me and did not find the hose on my d*** and was slick enough to love hose around when lifting shirt should of seen dudes eyes when i did the helicopter with my d*** priceless then but not as priceless of mine seeing that pop up and not register any recomendations on cleaning urine and hair. Im all ears got two months left on paper after 6 years
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  4. Why in the hell would you even take a chance when you're this close to being out of that mess. My guess is you better get ready for a few more years of probation and BS because of bad decisions. Got weight out your "want" for a buzz or "need" to get a job at some point in your life. Get yourself labeled in the legal system and NOBODY will give you a job, no doctor will take you as a legit patient and the list goes on and on. Like it or not, it's still not legal in many states and you are where you are because of the bad choices you've made. I don't think it's even possible to legitimately clean up in two weeks, especially if you're saturated, especially with the hair test. They can pull a hair root and test that even if you shave your head. Do you just enjoy screwing around with those idiots and paying them money you could use (if you're like me) just because you wouldn't (not couldn't) clean up until you got free of them? It's no fun to stop smoking, but it's certainly not like being addicted to hard drugs. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it's very easy to stop smoking. You just have to be willing to make the sacrifice for the betterment of your future. My guess is you're pretty young and unless something happens, you've got a LOT more life to live. How about finishing out the rest of yours by being smart. Good luck but I don't think you've even got a remote chance of getting by this without getting caught. TWW
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  5. I can't believe I pay tax dollars for people like you to waste the governments time and not even make the attempt to get clean. It's ridiculous
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  6. Thanks for feed back even the harsh replys i have gotten clean in two weeks before for UAs its pain in the butt but it can be done im 25 years old im 150 lbs muscle high metabolism. i have weighed 150 since high school work hard outside all day and stay active with kids and house work and work out when I have the time my main worry is really the hair follicle and why the u-pass synthetic kit turned up for meth I got through felony probation like a cakewalk but a six-month misdemeanor is turned into a over a year plus the hope classes a lot of stuff is going wrong in my life the past year and I know my actions are my own but if anybody has any insight on why synthetic urine popped up for that please let me know
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