need to clean my system in 5 days hellpp

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  1. How can I clean my system in 5 day
  2. I don't think there is any way to really clean your system out. If you know you are going to fail a piss test I think about the only thing you can do is find some clean urine and use it. If it's a hair test your fucked. Sorry.

    Edit: There are ways to mask and dilute but I'm pretty sure they are mostly all watched for now days.
  3. You have a better chance if you take niacin( rather than niacinimide)pills for full detox and that will take 3-4 days taken 3 times a day. It'll be overdosing by about 500 grams/day and side effects will be persist during the whole day but you do what you gotta do.
  4. Iv got 500mg niacin capsulses and been taking um for about three days soo ffar with lots of water and sum parsley tea. Idk if ill get dropdbut wanna make sure. I went 2 month without smoking an then smoke a bowl of tangerine dream and got fuckkked uppp
  5. if thats so then you might be good, have u been working out?
  6. 5 days is cutting it really short. You can try the Niacin as people have mentioned but you most likely wont pass since they can test for niacin and you're suppose to stop taking it a day or two before the test.Best of luck.
  7. drink a gallon of vinegar

  8. Worlds apart. Lol. only 499,500 more milligrams to go. Don't worry though, the difference between milligrams and grams is often exaggerated anyway.
  9. I've always heard that eating a bunch of fatty foods about a week before-hand helps
  10. Well I started taking naicin on day 8 I got 5 days left I took a water pill kindney flush and 3 naicin today. And parsley tea nd lots of water. Got 5 days left and cat workout stuck in house
  11. Cranberry juice helps too.
  12. Dude, if you smoked just once, it's going to be out of your system in like 2-3 with just normal eating/drinking habits.

  13. T.H.C. Sticks to fat? Horrible advice!(no offense) that's why you work out to "burn" the fat containing T.H.C. It's best to not eat any fatty foods.
  14. Yah I smoked once in the past 3 montths. So hopfully I'm gud
  15. Your urgency and stress is making me interested so......why do you need to be clean?
  16. Work out hard.

    Sauna. Hot tub.

    ^ if those aren't available ^

    Drink literally like gallons of water the day of/before the test. You'll piss water, won't fail. Won't pass though, it'll probably say like invalid or something.
  17. Lol why ellse to drop was very baddd

  18. I thought you ate fatty foods a day or two before the test. Something about it sticking to your fat and not piss. Idk though.
  19. I passed a drug test with one days notice, five days after smoking all day. I think you'll be fine, all I did was drink shit tons of water and took lots of aspirin because I heard it could produce a false negative, and I guess it did or something. :)
  20. i smoked all day today and yesterday and have been sober for a month but i have a drug test in 2 weeks. will i pass?

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