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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OhFuhQ, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ok so i have a plant i have too bring down, the only person i can trust knowing bout my plants is an uncle, he has 1 grow cab & theyre still in veg, mines is about 4 weeks into flowering so im pissed.

    id like to salvage a high, will 4 weeks of flowering have an effect?

    as to why i have to bring it down, neighbour caught me smoking a doob and i was stupidly standin at my front door, not knowing that i left the room door open, HPS lighting up the hallway, shes been itching to get her own back on me after i had a fight with her son, as long as im happy growin, ill grow, i just feel real uneasy about this and rightly so, i grow & smoke for my own pleasure, i dont want to be sitting around expectin my door to come flying off the hinges at any time only to hear a pig squeel "POLICE".
  2. get a photo of the buds, im sure you will have plenty of results from the few buds that are formed. just cause its not done, doesnt mean it hasnt produced any thc. its probably already pretty dank up in there.
  3. no digi cam, no cash in my mobile lol, its pretty swollen though, crystals can be seen.
  4. Id keep them and chop your next door neighbor down!! J/K, I'de keep them for sure and never let that light escape again. If cops show up,they wont have a warrant based on your neighbors shit, THEN chop them.
  5. yea im building a box for it, gonna move it to my uncles, just set my shit up there, help him out with his plants, help with funds etc.
  6. I hate to hear you have to watch your own back at your house.
  7. yeah FUCK shitty neighbors, my friend has some too, but we dont grow, or have anything over there so we smoke blunts while mowing the grass, washing our car etc.. and any chance i get i blow smoke in their direction. HA! well it makes me feel better anyway.

    i hate that people cant just live their own life. always worried about the next man.

    ill say it like this, its definatly not worth going to jail for. but it you can salvage it, you only have a couple more weeks.

    keep us updated
  8. yea it sucks big time.

    well everythings set up, looking damn good in the cab, she didnt call the cops but she told me she knows what im up to, i just asked her what she was talkin about, whilst laughing. im fuckin RELIEVED man.

    uncle gave me some bud from his stash, mixed it with some hash, blazed.

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