Need to build a Greenhouse

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  1. Nature/rain is disrupting my feeding cycle, and I'm getting tired of it.:) Anyhow, I need a greenhouse approximately 15'x10'.
    Any of y'all built one on the "cheap?" Ideas?[I see decent ones at Lowes and Home Depot for around $1000, but that's a little rich for my blood.]
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    How tall are your plants? Should be doable cheaper than that with some poly line, "T" posts and a heavy duty grommeted tarp with a slant to deflect the rain. 15' x 10' is a relatively small area. Some guys use the light weight PVC. They pound int the ground metal conduit on either side and bend the pvc over to make a dome and cover it with a trap. Good luck
  3. Good idea, but the tarp defeats the purpose of letting sun in and keeping rain out.
    [Disclaimer: I suck at building stuff from scratch (but am ok at making repairs) .]
  4. So replace the tarp with clear poly sheeting. It's cheap and you can buy that a Home Cheapo as well. It's an easy build. Surprise yourself.
  5. I might resort to that. Only thing is the sheeting won't last but probably one season, and the corrugated stuff cost $20+ per 2'x12' sheet.
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  6. Put this up in a couple hours and it's less than $200. It's completely closed now with tarp and extra supports for drying though, but you could just use plastic sheeting. 24' long 10' wide 7' tall. Would be very cheap image.jpeg
  7. I guess you are a challenged builder.
    This is exactly what I was talking about. Pretty simple and cost effective. AND the sheeting is inexspensive as well. Good job brother.
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  8. How did you attach the plastic sheeting? [The one I saw like that had a few wooden strips to staple?attach the sheeting.]
  9. I used tarp with grommets bungied to the frame because mine is for drying, and I wanted it dark, not for growing so you'll have to come up with something different. Clip it on with giant clips or something. Mine ended up looking like this IMG_20170903_133743.jpg all seams were attached with industrial glue sealant and then sprayed over with rubber sealant(flex seal)
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