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need tips to some homework

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by andis, May 26, 2003.

  1. I got some homework to my norwegian lesson tomorrow (i'm from norway) and wonderd if some of you had some idea's on how i shal do it, I have to make a comercial about something.

    I want to make a commercial about marijuana legalization, but i don't what to make it too extreme, because i don't want my teacher to think i'm a total pothead :D so i thought maybe i could try to make it a bit funny too.

    the comercial should have a famous person who everyone knows who are, thought I could make a pic of Norwegian politician with a fatty in his mouth saying 'Legalize The Shit' !!

    And then read up this:

    or atleast some of it.

    Would this make my teacher think i'm a total pothead? :D

    Anyone have any ideas of what i should do different ?

    only 6 hours till school starts so it can't take too much time cuz i have to get some sleep to :D
  2. well yea i think she will know u r a pothead....who cares wut your teacher thinks though.....sounds kewl to it! maybe u will get a B for Blunt, or a D for Dank......sorry....litle blazed myselff......
  3. You would do best with this issue by portraying the regular family man being slammed behind bars, and the confused scared left behind family which now has become the victim of the unjust laws. end the commercial with some stats about incarceration rates regarding marijuana and how much money is blown on the efforts to arrest and prosecute these individuals, say, as opposed to other public spending on schools, works programs, or the like.You want to try not to popularize marijuana as a drug, rather illustrate the harm of these laws on the average working class family, something everyone can identify with. Just my suggestion though...

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