need tips on starting.

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  1. so i wanna grow just like 1 plant for 2 reasons. so i can have a stash that will last me a few months without costing me alot that way i can save for a laptop. and also idk it may sound dumb but i just kinda wanna be a grower.

    however here is the conundrum i face. i live in an apt building. so my question, is there a way i could easily grow 1 plant in my closet without my entire floor smelling like weed. i know there prolly isnt a way but hey i figured it was worth asking. thanks
  2. Im gonna post in this thread because I need tips as well
  3. i have 2 plants flowering in my closet inside my room and you can not smell them from my front door. i dont have any odor control. but i grow legally and smell is not a problem. i personalyy think you can easily grow 1 plant without it smelling. i just owuldnt open youre windows during harvest :wave:
  4. You can make a active carbon filter for around 50$ mabey cheaper if your only doing plant and get a decant fan for it. set up right you shouldnt have a problem
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    For one plant perhaps a pc case or small cabinet grow.

    Some great stuff going on in there. Where theres a will theres a way. But i think your gonna have to build some shit and get creative.
  6. you can get a cheep proper filter for that brov
  7. yeah the seeds im using at the moment are feminised i think im gonna do LST because i wanna get a nice big yield from my girls:)
    aside from LST is there anything i could try?

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