Need tips on cleaning my bowl where I can smoke the resin after

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  1. Really feeling the need for some THC, I can't sleep and it's too late to buy. On top of that I did realize my bowl needs a good cleaning too! Can anyone help?

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  2. I only have experience with chillums. I use a paper clip and I push it all the way through the airway and pull it out the other end, it should be gunked in good resin. :)
  3. Thanks!!

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  4. Put in a ziplock bag with 91% iso and shake until your pipe is nice and clean, then pour that dark golden colored rubbing alcohol onto a shallow walled pyrex dish now take this dish and move it to a well ventilating area preferably outside for safety reasons and let evaporate. When thats done take a razor blade and scrape off the resin(it is very important that before you smoke this you have made sure that 100% of the iso is evaporated off of the goopy resin)
  5. If you decide to use ISO then go with 99.99% as it will clean it fast and evaporate much faster than Lower percent ISO due to water content . I'm
  6. I've used a regular pen cap on a bowl, it actually scrapes a lot of resin off.
  7. Dude, if you are wanting to smoke it, do not expose it to any liquids or cleaning solvents, that's sketchy as fuck. The best scraping tool I've found thus far is a *clean* street sweeper bristle after that motherfucker goes by your house. Nothing like it. Second best, bobby pin with the tip removed combo'd with a good ultra-thin paring knife to really mine that shit. If nothing else, you can do some work with a carefully straightened paperclip, but those are only so helpful. Also they break, like, really easily, and that's not what we're trying to accomplish here. Just don't force too hard and have your scraper break through something, I've seen that shit done.

  8. I've always used paperclips and toothpicks. Cheap and easy to bend. Form the end of the paperclip into a scoop and just scrape the sides of the pipe. Use tooth picks to get the resin off the clip and onto some foil. Takes a while but SO worth it.

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