Need tips and pointers. plant just sprouted please help

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  1. Hey guys. I had a plant sprout 3 days ago, and i had it under light but today i went downstairs and it died. I had another seed germinated and i put that in soil and it sprouted aswell. Can you give me some tips and pointers so i dont mess this plant up aswell. Right now im using schultz soil, its under 2 23watt cfls, together thats 3300 lumens. Also should i water it abit everyday? also when it sprouted the shell of the seed is still, should i take it off or let the plant do it herself? CHEERS

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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011 careful not to overwater the seedling, it's easy to over water when you put seeds in large(r) pots. I personally would've plant the seeds in a very small pot....the seeds will have very little roots as they starts to grow, if they are in large pots, the soil at the bottom of the pot will become too waterlogged because there's no root system to drink from the bottom......

    ...another thing, your growing with miracle grow soil, which has time released fertilizers, and typically isn't a good choice of soil for a novice grower.....especially for seedlings. Seeds don't need any fertilizers for the 1st week, IMO, and that soil you have is loaded with fertilizers.
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  3. yea not the best soil to use, the time released ferts could create problems for your plant. my seedlings (awhile back when i did it) were put into an organic potting soil mix with no ferts. sometimes a soiless mix of vermiculite, perlite and peat moss works well.
    you may want to go with some better CFL's if thats what your growing with.
    i wouldn't water it every day, like the guy above me said you don't want the bottom of your pot to become full of water.

    good luck though bro, start a journal to keep everyone updated
    and let the plant take care of the little bit of seed shell still on, its very fragile.
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  4. Your gunna want blue spec bulbs over it and close but not to close dont wanna burn it up...I dont grow soil so I cant help you on the mg part..but just take care of her and she will repay you ;)
  5. Alright thanks alot guys.
    how long till i should see a difference in my plants growth? so i know its growing?
  6. every day it will get bigger. maybe put some plastic wrap over it (not too close to the plant) to keep moisture inside. should help
  7. Thanks man. My sprouted plant still has the seed shell on it, should i take it off myself or leave it?
  8. leave it, the plant will know what to do. best let it handle it itself. they are very fragile at this stage and don't like to be touched
  9. Thanks alot man. Thanks for fast replies.
  10. not a problem. good luck with your grow. start a journal like i said. that way when you run into a problem people can easily go back a few pages and see what if anything you did wrong and how to correct it. just keep it updated daily, and be sure to post pics.

    good luck bro
  11. thanks man, and will do
  12. sorry bro 1 more thing, you think i should do 12/12 the whole time?
  13. No for right now do 24/7 until it is fully opened up and thriving then do 18 hours on 6 off and after a few weeks you can flip
  14. Oh alright, on my first seed i was doing 18/6 at first, and it died so idk what i did wrong there, but when should i see my plant full open up and have some small leaves
  15. The red plastic beer cups work wonders hey, there just the right size for a seedling imo. Just have to cut notches out from the bottom side bits like a normal plant pot, chuck some holes in the bottom. for extra drainage.

    Good luck with the grow!
  16. So should i put them in the beer cups then?
  17. Im not entirely too sure, as I havent downsized a plant. You would have to get someone else to chime in on this one.
  18. nah you don't have to put it in a solo cup. some people just start out with it in on. its not entirely mandatory, i have seen people start seedlings in a pot before...

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