Need the help of someone's Ouija board!

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. I am in need of someone that has access to an real, (not an internet one) tangable ouija board.

    PM me! This is urgant!
  2. i have one but i honestly think they dont work
  3. what do you need to know ill try and channel it. sometimes it works sometiems it doesnt. ive been on latley so it will probly work.
  4. Check your PM's.
  5. Those things freak me the fuck out haha, I dunno you never can know if other people are pushing it though..
  6. I've used them before, but honestly, my worry isn't that someone else is pushing it, it's taht I'm opening up something I can't really control, even if I think I can... You never know what you may be getting yourself into... Not to sound cheesey, but that's how Regan Met Capt. Howdy...

    ~ Terpsichore
  7. pmme iwanna try on my board!
  8. I agree with Terp. We went to a local known haunted area and busted out the board, our fucking car shut off and we heard howling and shit. This is no joke. We were flipped out.
  9. You should see the episode of Bullshit! where they debunk those things. They had a group of people, who were like experts at the Ouiji boards or something, and even manuractured and sold their own line of ouiga board. Basically what they did was blindfold them, then rotated the board around 180 degrees so that where was up was now down. Of course, the people "channeling" thought it was still in the other possition, so the thing they hold would go toward letters and stuff that wasn't there at all.
  10. i dont belive in none of that stuff.
  11. Wykid, your fuckin sig is scarin me man
  12. thebluebeast your avatar is fucking awsome lmao!
  13. ah yes, i assume the shrooms kicked in?
  14. Haha, check your PM's. I wonder if your going to be capable of channeling; since your trippin' and all.
  15. Yeah, and your sig was the first thing I looked at that just downright fuckin FREAKED ME out. I gott goosebumps and shit form it.
  16. make your own its easy..yes they are real and no you wont open up any thing bad..ouija boards are actually quite pointless..some say the spirit on the other end always claims to be a deceased family member or friend in order to manipulate you and that its not exactly safe to use one alone,to always use them in pairs. also once youve convinced yourself that what is happening is real youll notice (possibly) strange happenings around you (the more often you use the board).

    another, less religious viewpoint is that the ouija board is a tool used in connecting with your subconcious mind, much like a washer on a string.

    believe whichever you want, i personally belive both points to a degree.i belive that they can be used as a door to communicate with the other side if you have experience with the craft.itd take more than just a ouija board for that though..also the board alone is an excellent tool for connecting with the back of your mind, useful to find out how you really feel about certain things.. if you dont want to use a ouija board for this heres an alternative:

    1) take a string about 12 inches long and tie a washer to one end.

    2) take a sheet of paper and draw a circle (the size of a cd works fine) draw a line down the center of the circle vertically, then one thru the center horizontally.

    3) now take the homemade pendulum and swinging it up and down the vertical line say "yes", then along the horizontal line and say "no", swing around the circle clockwise and say " i dont know", and counter clockwise around the circle saying "dont want to say". what youve done is planted a seed in the back of your mind with answers,now all you have to do is ask yourself questions.

    DO NOT TRY TO GET IT TO WORK OR IT WILL NOT!!!!!! and make sure to have the pendulum in the exact center of the circle before you start step 3

    hope i helped out in some way
  17. i need help with that ouija board in a hurry....please someone help me....i lost something very important to me.....
  18. i need help with that ouija board in a hurry....please someone help me....i lost something very important to me.....
  19. Holy 5 year old thread...
  20. did you find anyone to help you man....i need help bad....used one twice....never lied to me.....i lost something that to me is very heart breaking....have to find it before someone else does....please help

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