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Need the help of Flowers connoisseurs !

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Décalice, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Alright guys first of all I am from Canada, more precisely from Montreal. Just pointing that out because it could help people answer my simple question.

    So here it is, I have been smoking for a while now around 4-5 years and I have been doing so daily. So I am not a complete "newbie" when it comes to flowers but normally I know what I buy or smoke. But lately I have been broke and have smoked only the stuff people of my entourage have given me, sample here sample there, here just bought an ounce have a nug as a gift and I could go on. Normally people that gives me stuff, also gives me the name of the strain but this time one of my friend just gave me this (sorry for the quality.. cheap camera) :

    (I had another bud about that size that I smoked already that is what's left)

    So generally speaking, the bud looks good, I can see trichomes covering the buds. probably not the best I've seen but still a little frosted, color is as you can see light green with some tint of darker green and bright orange hair. Smell is I would say more of the piney strains but also have a light fruity smell to it and the usual skunk smell that goes with it, but the piney smell is more dominant. When I got it it was sticky but I didn't smoke it right away because I had some left I wanted to finish before this one and also wanted to let it dry a little.

    Now after I smoked it, good head high, feel somewhat creative I feel like going on FLS and making some beats or going on photoshop messing around, it also makes me alot more talkative then usual. If I smoke 1 packed bong bowl I will get high for around 1 to 1.5 hour long which is not so bad. But if I smoke to much I get the couch lock feeling and could fall asleep easily if I don't keep myself busy.

    I don't think it's dank weed probably decent mids but I just want to know what it is because I love knowing what I smoke, I think it's normal right ?

    Thanks to anyone who helps me answer this and if you got pictures to compare it would be sweet but if you know your stuff and you are sure you know what strain it is please let me know !

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