need sum autoflowering seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by 360wayvin, May 13, 2010.

  1. yo can some one help me find sum auto flowering seeds, thats cheap with a wide variety.
  2. Look Up Lowlife Seeds
  3. i was just about to say that lol. lowryders are supposed to be dankkkkkk, im lookin into the diesel ryders for myslef:D
  4. poison dwarf from g13 labs
    its about 40 dollors for it but it is only mid grade dank

    or u could get easy ryder or diesel ryder there more expensive but more potent

    and if space is not a problem there is a exalent strain from sensi seeds cald ruderalis indica its around 30 something dollars

    Good luck
  5. yeah... Sensi is not standing behind thier ruderalis mixes yet..give em another couple years.

    stick to autos from Lowryder, or Lowlife ( either Auto AK is a good start IMO)... Lowryder has a 10 pack random mix that shoud be fun , for like 50-60 US ( although regular seeds so culling males, or selective breeding is a must)

    not sure about Barneys Flower Power, it just started to flower for me today .. Sprouted seed on 4/20..( TY for the feebie 'Tude)


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