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Discussion in 'General' started by foamdohm, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hey, i kno its kinda lame asking for advice over the internet, but i need sum.

    usually i get made fun of and shit , (18 going into senior yr) but i have a few close friends that ive known all my life practically.

    so anyway me and this one kid , have been good friends for a solid 3- 4 years and ive seen that he can really be a big douchebag. whenever its just me and him chillen and smokin or w.e its fine, but when we go out and shit he just acts like hes better than me.

    now its not just that hes done it once and im mad , ive been seeing it going on for a few months now, and i even talked to him, but the last cuple times he was still being a douchebag.

    what shuld i do? im pretty fed up , but idk it kinda sucks
  2. Seperate yourself from him. Until you feel comfortable that he is treating you fairly, your friendship will deteriorate until it ends. By removing yourself from this negative situation now, your friend may finally get the message that you need a change in his attitude. This may save your friendship and let people know you demand respect. Best of luck and keep your head high.
  3. Man a friend would never do that to you. Although you may have considered yourselfs friends, you were actually just aquaintances. You will find the older you get that you have lots of aquaintances but very few friends.

  4. I have to say Im only 19 but I have kind of noticed that.... I hung out with alot of people in highschool who I considered to be freinds but after we graduated and I got to choose who I hung out with more I kind of seperated myself from alot of them, and the people I became freinds with in my junior year are the ones who I actualy still hang out with and consider freinds. High and rambling, apolagies....

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