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  1. im in love with this girl weve been talking for 2 weeks since i started talking to her again and she was talking about how she use to like me i told her how i still like her we were suppost to hang out friday but my friend fucked up my phone never ended up hanging out and ive been texting her for the last 3 days no response what so ever my phone had to be reset so i had to get her numkber i did dont know if its the right one but even if it wasnt she would have texted me by now if she really did like me as much as she was saying am i right. sorry for my careless punctuation im a little depressed right now because im in love with this girl :( what should i do? call? keep texting?
  2. Maybe you should act like a fucking man!!
  3. i have been talking her for 7 months just started talking to her AGAIN we use to have a thing we hooked up before

  4. Bro not tryna be a dick, but that sounds pathetic. Whatever you do don't keep texting her, shell think your a desperate loser. Id just text "hit me up if you wanna chill," and leave it at that.

    I know thats not what you wanted to hear, but there ARE PLENTY of girls you could love just as much as this one. Why keep wasting energy?
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    Seriously lol I glanced at the first bit and rolled my eyes. OP just be aggressive, know what you want get what you want
  6. Call me old fashioned, but I dunno....maybe.....go and SEE her FACE to FACE :eek: At least that would show a genuine effort.
  7. Okay, obviously the girl doesn't feel the same way about you. If she did, she would be txting you back and trying to get in touch with you. you lost her number... she didn't lose yours. If she cared about you like, if she wanted to talk or hang out she would have txt'd you back already.

    On top of that, like some one else said, not trying to sound like a dick.... but you're sounding pathetic. No one likes some one that is desperate. If she's that important to you then go see her in person, get in touch of her friends and tell them you lost her number.

    Me, personally? I'd just move the hell on
  8. Yeah man, move on. Your being a little bitch and it's pathetic and I am only saying this because I've been there. Realise that your better than a bitch and there's more than one girl out there, you just need the attitude.
  9. smh...

    but the other posters have summed it up for ya, maybe not with sugar but its true.

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