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  1. So I didn’t understand the concept of spreading your girls out and tying them down until recently ( first grow ) and now I’m wishing I knew so I c like have been doing things differently this whole time ;

    Now I have to just work with what I’ve got ;

    I have 5foot cages around all plants and the cages are too close to the plant ):

    I’ve been trying to tie down what I think should be tied down and hopefully I’m doing it right ?

    What is the best thing to do from here on out u til flowering starts ?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated;

    Pictures attached [​IMG]

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Let them grow thru the fencing and they'll be fine.
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  4. Should I forget about tying them down ?

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  5. Ok if u don't spread them out u risk mold and mildew. Also penetration get bigger buds!! I would defoil the big hand size fan leafs that are blocking buds!! U could just pull the branches with some heavy fishing line or cord to the wire. Or use stakes

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  6. Should I cut down the first cage about half way so I can pull down the 4 main tops ?

    Or what should I do about that ?

    Wish I would have known all this info long ago ; well I’m learning and that means next year I will have more insight on what to do with growing outdoor .

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  7. I would cut that tight cage. It’s too close. Then tie branches down to outer one. Just tie each branch down and out. Open it up! Or risk mold and mildew. Looks healthy otherwise

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  8. Nice plant. I think you have a good idea. I might cut that inner cage down a couple feet, then tie the top branches out.
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  9. Thanks guys ! I’ll be taking all of your guys advice :) I’ll post pictures when I get time to do all this : should be within the next few days

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  10. Like get rid of it all together ?

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  11. Yes if it were me I'd get rid of the tight cage all together
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  12. And then just use the outer cage to tie it to ?

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  13. And after he tight cage is off how do I tie the branches down ? Like I’m what fashion ?

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  14. You can get garden plant ties. Those work pretty good

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