Need Suggestions on my soon to be grow box(PICS)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by buds2k, May 17, 2004.

  1. yeah looks good to me, what kinda light u gonna put in there. i know u prob said but i failed to read(im lazy). But i have onew thing to add and thats that your box is too much out in the open for me , but im just saying that cuz i live with my parents who hate weed n i
  2. Thats pretty small, I would be worried about starting a fire in there... plus its gonna smell ALOt around harvest. thats really gonna piss your parents off, cause thats manufacturing... could mean jail time for them and their house being taken away...
  3. I'm not sure you're going to be able to pull the hydro part off. Hydro requires a certain amount of vertical space, and you have very little to spare. I would suggest full spectrum fluoros for the full cycle, at least 80w, with 120-160w being best. Scrog would allow you to control the growth, so allow the tips to be only a few inches from the light.

    The fluoro factor inures that there will be no problem with fire. Ventilation can be controlled by intake/output fans in the holes; another one could be made somewhere else for cords.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. It is fairly small alright!
    Definitely go with flouro's anyway, and if u cant get full spectrum flouro's, pick up some 'cool white' and 'Warm white' flouro's.Have u thought about the Smell? This is a dead giveaway, Carbon scrubber would work, loads of info on DIY carbon scrubbers on the web.It is kinda out in the open alright and all it will take is for 1 person to open that door once in the space of about 3 months to Catch you growing!
    I Definitely dont fancy those odds!
    And if they try to open it and its locked,Then they KNOW youre hiding something,and maybe they'll listen real close and hear the whining of fans and then the game is up!
    Or maybe no one will try to open it and you harvest with no problems.I tried to grow in my own computer desk as well sumtin similar to yours, but my desk didnt have a door just a big front panel, no drawers or anything just plain,No one in a million years would try and open anything on it cos there was nothing to open on it.............Seemed like it was perfect? Nope! got caught, dunno how, but i got caught!
    Moral of the story? Expect the unexpected!
    Good Luck!
  5. well im considered an adult...this house is basically mine...its my dad's but he lives with his gf..all his stuff is over there and everyhting...when he does stop by..maybe once every two days hell check his mail..but i have a computer lanned on the other side of the room..i already showed my dad and told him i was putting a lock on it to hide all my money, collectibles i have, etc. and he didnt care....he wont ever be going around this computer...and its such a small area i wont be growing much...just a little bit for personal use cause it costs so damn i guess ill be goin with fluros and doin a scrog..i assumed id need to do that after searching on this site... so does anyone know with the specs of this what power of light i should use?

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