Need Strain Name!!!

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  1. I need a name of a plant with these characteristics:

    Short-Small Medium
    Yields can vary

    I will be using soil and 100w cfl water and nutrients as directed.
  2. Bushwick Bud
  3. any more suggestions?

  4. did you breed it? whats the genetics?
  5. I will try to get seeds from a friend...
  6. did he breed it? what do the buds look like

    dark green, light green? what color are the hairs? light orange dark orange red? is it hairy? what does it smell like? citrus, fruity, skunky, earthy? is it more indica or sativa? <--(im guessing indica) hows the high couchlock, or all in the head? hows it taste hazy, earthy, not much taste...we need details

  7. He has different stuff, and what he doesn't have he can get from his friends...

    but most importantly i need to know which seed will grow to be the shortest plant.

  8. call it gary coleman (too cliche) ummm call it bridget the midget
  9. Thank you for agreeing this must be named after a short person haha
  10. its called lowryda or lowryder something its very short and is auto flowering
  11. same with diesel rider. might be talking about the same thing:smoking:
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    haha yeah it really does
  13. Try something from Mandala such as Speed Queen, Hashberry, or Sadhu. They all stay short, are extremely hardy, and the seeds are very affordable.
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    Just tell him you want a good mainly-indica(or afghanica) strain. Northern lights, dynamite, shiva shanti...i could go on. All are short, bushy and easy to grow. What does he have? There are 1000's of strains and crosses. First time grower? Just google short, bushy cannabis seed.

  15. I'd go with Northern Lights. Indica, short-12-14", potent.
  16. Listen to him, mandala is the $hit, I can't stress the fact that out of 50 beans popped only 2 didnt germinate.
  17. Maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds like you are approaching this bass-ackwards. Your friend doesn't have seeds for thousands of different strains to choose from, does he? Tell him what you want and see what he has that is the best match.
  18. what was the yield from 100w CFL?

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