need speakers, help me out blades

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  1. Hey there GC

    I'm in need of some loud music in my room.
    I was wondering if any blade could help me out.

    I need something Bluetooth and stereo, and something that gets at least great sound and bass.

    A few friends recommended the sound dock, it sounds good. Was wondering if there was better?
  2. Why do you say you need bluetooth?

    It being bluetooth will make it much harder (and some would say imposible) to also have great sound (depending on how strict your definition of great sound is)
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  3. I like to be able to take my speakers out to the yard, especially at night for bonfires.
    Also I been going to the dog beach, would be cool to play some music there too.

    Eventually I'll get a good stereo for my tv, but after I get my house (soon).
  4. That means you need battery powered - but if you could live with sitting the source (iPod/Phone) next to it and plugging in a headphone jack you'd avoid all the sound problems associated with Bluetooth (compression, latency, interference, the dam thing just not behaving for no dam reason sometimes).
  5. Ok, have a small stereo in mind?

    My current room is tiny and would want something small but rich and powerful, i like classical music, and reggae.
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  6. Definitely second on the little Bose. It's about the size of a 16oz beer can and produces quality sound with solid bass. Got a lot of good times out of that baby already.

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  7. Yeah its a great sounding speaker, however I need stereo and not mono.

    Might just get some bookshelf speakers, won't be portable though.
  8. :poke: It is stereo. I even used an RCA to mini, to crank out sound from my portable record player.
  9. the Bose website dosnt mention them being stereo (or give any clue as to amp or driver configuration) so Id presume they just mono up internally before the power amp stage... if it is true stereo (and they for whatever reason arnt making a big deal about it) with that size the acoustic centres of the HF elements can only be 6" apart, the area in which you could sit and actually appreciate a stereo image would be very narrow.
    Hes mentioned listening to classical, I find listening to anything orchestral in mono or poorly panned to be really annoying - if the oboes sound like there in the wrong place it ruins the whole thing for me. If he's in to classical Id be looking to have two separate speakers as wide as you can get them to maximise the area you get the stereo image in.

    {Im not going to make specific recommendation as a) Im in Europe, whats available and pricing may not be the same b) I work with speakers, but not at the consumer end of the market, if you were looking for an arena scale system I could talk much more specifically, domestic level not so much.}
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  10. Bose said I would need 2 to make it stereo, according to amazon.
    F that, $600 for portable speakers?

    Shopping around for bookshelf speakers now, maybe the Wharfedale diamond 10 and a nice yamaha receiver. Probably won't need a sub woofer.
    There's goes my portability haha.
    Though maybe I'll get one of bose things for the beach too. They sound good for normal music.
  11. If you did do 2 to make it stereo you'd certainly have to give up on bluetooth - youd have to modifiy them to make one only use the left of the bluetooth signal and the other only the right, I wouldnt even know if its posible without seeing the inside of one. And theres reasons it'd be a shit idea even if it were doable.
    Cable would be easy..
    but i think you might be best with your bookshelves
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  12. I would not buy Bose stereo speakers. They are a freaking rip off, as almost any audiophile will tell you.

    And anyway, you need a receiver to power most decent speakers, certainly any decent bose speakers.

    How much are you willing to spend? Look up tannoy and monitor vector speakers. Amazing speakers for great prices. You're going to want to get a receiver to power them. If you really want quality sound you should do this.

    Buy 2nd hand off ebay. You can save a lot. I buy my speakers and receivers off ebay and gumtree.
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  13. For a Bluetooth speaker the soundlink mini kicks ass. It may not be a true stereo, but it sure sounds like one.

    You get a shit ton of sound that's hard to beat for a speaker this size. One costs $199, that's all you need. The Soundlink color is nearly as good for only $129 and beats other speakers in it's price range.
    Of course the choice is yours, but you shouldn't off-handedly discount these two.

    Bose SoundLink Mini II review | TrustedReviews
    The Bose SoundLink Mini II still doesn't support aptX – the higher-quality codec than the Bluetooth standard SBC. However, it would be somewhat limited in a speaker trying to deliver a big sound from such a tiny box.

    Bose hasn't made any radical changes to the sound signature of the Bose SoundLink Mini II. Nor should it have.

    The Bose SoundLink Mini II is an astonishingly bassy and powerful-sounding speaker for its size. It doesn't quite fit the grown-up Bose image; we'd describe it as boisterous. But it’s certainly good fun.

    Soundlink review.
    Bose SoundLink Color Review: Bold Sound

    Audio Performance

    With a balanced combination of deep bass and crisp treble, the SoundLink Color easily outperforms other portable speakers in itsprice[​IMG]range.


    On Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," the Bose shone on both the bass driving the song's rhythm and the treble tone in the bright horn accents. It produced far richer bass than the Mini Jambox, and handled the treble better than the $150 JBL Charge 2. Rihanna's vocals on "FourFiveSeconds" rose clearly above Paul McCartney's resonant acoustic guitar.

    The saxophones on Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" sounded full and warm, while his acoustic bass stood out more in the mix than on the Mini Jambox.
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  14. Likely going with a stereo integrated amp instead of receiver. Cost like 1000 bucks, but everyone has good reviews about those high powered amps.

    Still undecided on bookshelf speakers, ether wharfedale or jbl 530.

    Depending on the sound, I may not even need a sub.
  15. Ok so I finally decided and ordered the stereo, speakers, and wires (wtf they're $200 for wires!?)

    Spent more than I thought I would. But this will be a kick ass 2.0 stereo. 65 watts per channel, stereo amp watts, not home theater watts, i learned there's a big difference.

    Here's the stereo amp, what a beauty.
    And the speakers, also beauties.

    Few more days for delivery :)
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  16. so are you happy with your purchase? best thing i ever bought was my stereo, bought it 8 years ago and it's still going strong. i use it every day.
  17. I am very fucking happy with this stereo!
    I will never buy home theater reciever again!

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  18. What kind do you have?
  19. awesome man happy to hear it. i have 2 dali concept 8 floor speakers and a xtz class a100 d3 amp.
    i'm too lazy and my apartment is too messy for me to take pictures so i'll just google them.

    i have it hooked up to my pc and i also bought a second hand turntable
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