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Need something that looks like bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FunkyMonk08, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Ok, my parents found my weed a good while back, and they've kept it at the top of their cupboard. I'm quite bored right now, and want to get high but I'm dry ATM. I think they left it up their as a trap for me (they would do that).

    Obviously I want to smoke it, but I need something to replace the buds with that would fool them if they checked it sometime.

    Any ideas?

  2. how much is there?
  3. There's only two small buds and a bit cut up.

  4. well i'm guessing you have a very low tolerance so take the shake and smoke that in a bowl and replace it with some oregano or other spice/herb that looks like th general shade of your bud
  5. Alright dude, cheers. Didn't think of spices.
  6. 1. Go to your spice cabinet.
    2. Find oregano. It looks like grinded up weed.
    3. Replace it with that.

    If you can't find oregano, just try to find a spice that looks like weed. There are a bunch.
  7. just go take it and say its mine lol if u didnt have 2 buds than id say check ur spices but idk wat to tell u man

  8. :confused::eek::smoking:
  9. Oregano + Purple/Orange/Brown Marker

    That should do it....i think....
  10. And I highly doubt the check that spot too
    They most likely forgot about it

  11. When they remind me about smoking every single-fucking-day then I doubt they've just forotten about it :p.
  12. Cat Nip, it looks like weed.
  13. Dude, just go buy more :p
  14. Depending on where you live, there's random shit that grows outside: in west tx, where i am, there's this moss stuff that looks REALLY dank from a distance that's everywhere. It doesn't smell like weed at all, but it looks dank, untill you look closely, then it looks like moss again...
  15. word o
    ne time i saw a bag of catnip chilling on the ground in my bathroom and got super excited cause at first it looked like weed, but then i picked it up and saw the label on the other side of the bag :(
  16. All that and I didn't even bother replacing the shake I used :lol:.

    Buying tomorrow anyway, just am dry untill then and was eager..
  17. :hello::hello:
  18. Haha, well if they didn't flush it you can bet your ass that they're going to smoke it. When they find out that you replaced it with some poor substitute prepare for an ass whoopin.

  19. I love your Blade of the windseeker, lol i thought i was in trade chat if you can +rep on that do it
  20. you know that stuff at the bottom of the pot of the fake plants? its like that weird grass/weed looking plastic or whatever shit, i think that would work..

    i vaguely remember a guy i knew sold some of that shit mixed with tobacco to an asshole guy at my highschool in like 10th grade haha:D

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