Need someone to help please.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kane Sweeney, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Ok here we go
    Seeds- Master Kush By Nirvana
    Soil- Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Pots- dixie cups and 5 gallon pots with good drainage.
    Space- a 24x48x60 Tent
    Lighting- 1 150 watt hps system and a 600 watt hps system.
    Only giving nutes if they show sadness lol but i think i should be ok with good water and everything else.
    Question time.
    1- How long to veg in my tent. I mean i have read a few places that MK aint one of those strains if you flip at 20' it wont finisb like 4 foot but i personally dont know i was gonna Veg like 2 and a half weeks in dixie cups and then like 4 weeks under 600 watt hps. How big should they be at week 6 18/6 cycle 2 weeks 150 watt hps and 4 weeks under 600 then i was thinking since it will be like may 5th ish around that i would dig a hole for 5 gallons and then some and put outdoors where no one goes in the cuts but even tho thats my preffered way i cant control the climate and all and had bad luck 2 times outdoors but not health wise one was well over 5 feet and got stolen or chopped idk but it barely had pistols comin so idk So to sum it up as i know im talking alot

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