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  1. First off sorry if this is ranting. I have been at my current job going on 10 months. In addition to cooking I train stewards and also have filled dish shifts. I have always been the dependable guy at work, and I'm flexible(I get told thanks all the time for flexibility.) I have some health issues so of course there are times I don't feel well enough to deal with food (especially with nausea,) but that's where flexible ends. I get told work through it, I've done it so can you. But if I can't finish my shift or get worse I should call before (at 3am when I'm up puking?) I don't call out ever. The worst I'll do is leave a shift early (if I'm the mid, an hour early max.) I do not appreciate the lack of assistance or compassion when I'm in need. On top of this all I've been working as two for the past two weeks due to another employees family emergency. Which started as 5 callouts in a row, to I don't know if I can work there still, to call us by next week. This man returns to work soon, where I feel I'm going to lose my job for some shit I've death with my entire life. Am I seeing this wrong?
  2. Sounds like they do not appreciate you, which is frustrating.

    Are you in the USA, on any kind of disability benefits? Legally they have to accommodate you if your health issues are properly documented.

    If you aren't, consider applying. In the meantime, put this on your resume and quietly look for new work in a better environment. Note whether the employees look like they hate their lives. Look for a supportive environment.

    DO NOT burn bridges here. I'm sure it's tempting to walk the fuck out of a shift with your middle finger held high in the air, but resist temptation. You worked hard here and deserve a good glowing recommendation from them; use them as a reference.

    When you do quit, thank them for the opportunity to work and learn there, then run away and never look back.
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  3. If this company decides to let you go it sounds like it will be their loss.

    Also, you should look into your labor board or employment board or what have you because where i am from, getting canned due to a health issue is a pretty big deal if provable. Keep all documentation, even get your manager to write you a thank you note saying "This man covered another mans shift for 2 weeks straight and he should be commended" say its a reference letter for a future job. That will prove without a doubt that you are fit to work and should not lose your job due to health reasons.
  4. I would never quit a job like that. As much as I want to. Plus its raise time so all the "you're doing great we can't believe it," is being replaced with "this needs work, that isn't right." And I'm not on disability I was actually looking into it today. I have problems with sleep, digestion, depression, and heart. I don't want a new job honestly I love the servers and stewards and desk staff. They're nothing but amazing. This guy just got back from a vacation, which also irritates me. I've worked 6 years straight no vacation other than requesting a show off every 3 months. Thank you for your knowledge, I will keep job hunting(as I have been due to all this shit :/)
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    I know the law is on my side, but that doesn't ever change anything. CA is open employment, so you can or be terminated for any reason at any time. Their reason would be "unable to perform job duties," at least what I assume. I worked in management 3 years before this so I've seen shit like this. Or literally one job my manager was saying find any reason to fire this employee. Its total shit.
  6. What I would do in this situation is have my health conditions properly documented, and then talk to HR or someone high up to see if there is a solution that you can find together.

    Your immediate supervisor isn't going to probably give a shit.

    Didn't they just pass some sort of sick leave time law in CA?
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  7. I am pretty sure that is for part time employees. Either way I get 24 hours sick leave, which is shit but whatever. And their solution so far is putting me from closing to midshift "so that you're not essential," according to my gm. It sounds like punishment almost but I don't mind it seeing as I almost never get day shifts. Also for the medical documents I don't have a definitive diagnosis. Never have my while life. Everything from leukemia to anxiety to its all in your head you're making it up is all I've been told. Its a stressful situation adding fuel to a raging fire. I feel my health taking the toll so I know I need to slow down.
  8. Sorry to bump but I got a call on my day off informing me the other chef was a no show, I got a promotion and a decent raise (a whole dollar fifty!)
  9. I'll tell you like it is from the guy who pays you side of things.
    I had a guy not show up last week because he said he was sick. I hired him because I need someone to complete a task. I didn't care about his present situation. I didn't care about his gf problems. I didn't care that he smoked cigs...all I care about is if they guy does a good job and finishes his duties. Well he didn't show up when he was supposed to so I went in and finished his job. When he called a few days later I told him that it was already finished and he didn't have a job with me anymore.
    For the guy writing your check all that matters Is the work gets done
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  10. a small amount of people understand this. Show up when expected, perform to or beyond expectation, and be chill. It makes working easier and you get much farther.
  11. get something from the doctor showing that you have a legitimate medical problem and i dont think they can treat you like that if you do that, if they do ask a lawyer.

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