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Need some 'urgent' help

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Weedman22222, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, need some help, i said urgent because i want to get as high as fuck as soon as possible hahaha

    ive got about 5 grams of already vaped bud, i vaped it all at about 380-400 degrees in my vaporizer. im looking to make some edibles, is it true that i can just put the abv on some peanut butter w a cracker and put it in the oven?? what do u guys think the absolute easiest way to get fucked up from it is besides eating it straight up
  2. You can stir it into some warm full cream milk. simmer for a bit. That's probably the easiest though not the most effective.
    I've made some pretty good firecrackers (yes, crackers, peanut butter and/or nutella, a bit of cinnamon, foil, into the oven) with ABV...but I cook mine quite slow at 130c.
    I find they're "ready" when the cracker has went oily and bubbly on the surface, slightly darker in colour.
    You'll smell them when they're ready.
    Make a few. Sit the rest at room temperature and they'll continue to extract.
  3. Getting high as soon as possible means smoking your abv.
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  4. Lol True is true.
    Not something I'd recommend personally...tastes like shit, burns hotter...will def take back much, if not all of the benefit you've given to yourself by vaping.
    But yes, the truth is here - if quick is what you want, the solution is at hand.

    Be patient though. Nothing wrong with not being high for a bit.
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  5. its called a firecracker but you know that?
  6. a firecracker is what i wanna make. how much do i need? i smoke a lot and i can handle edibles, obviously everyone gets to a point on edibles where its just too much sometimes but what ammount would get me prettyy fucked up but not to the point where i cant move for 10 hours
  7. i scaled it out its about 5 g's i vaped all of it decently well around 380-400 degrees as i said, what should i use for the firecracker and what temp should i do ?
  8. also will the smell linger throughout my house?
  9. I just grind it and sprinkle it on until I get coverage. You don't need a hell of a lot. I bake mine at 130c
  10. ok , u think like 2-2.5g is good?
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    You already vaped away most of the THC. So ABV won't get you "high as fuck." But you will have a very good night's sleep. :)

    The easiest recipe is to order a double cheeseburger and sandwich the ABV between the patties. :)

    How many grams do you typically vape per "session"? That is probably a good starting amount. Personally, for my tolerance, 2g would be excessive. I typically use 7g for an entire tray of brownies.
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  12. 7g abv for a tray?
    How's that turn out?
    Yes I'd consider 2g of even "quite well vaped" abv a bit too much on a single edible, you'll just sleep.
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    Works out to roughly 0.5g per brownie (depending if you cut into 12 or 16 brownies). It's a good dose for me, but too strong for some people. If I am making brownies to share with others, I cut the dose in half, to 3.5g for the tray.

    1g of ABV is the point where things start to get "weird" (for my level of tolerance).
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  14. So @Weedman22222 how did it go last night? Are you still alive? ;)
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  15. Yes I’m alive! Hahaha. So if I just go to McDonald’s and get a double cheeseburger n put the abv in between it and eat it I’ll get high? I will 100% be doing that today. Do u think a g of ABV in there will get me pretty high?
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    Yup, exactly! McDonald's double, sandwich some ABV between the patties, and it doesn't even taste that bad (in my opinion).

    Have you tried ABV edibles before? It is not the same effect as regular edibles. Since you already vaped away most of the THC, it will make you feel more "low" than "high." I predict you will have a relaxing afternoon and a really good nap.. :)

    If you really want to get "as high as fuck" then check out this thread: Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
  17. Is that 5 grams now, or 5 grams before? Either way, you'd need around an once of AVB vaped at 400 to get "HAF," and it won't be very "high quality" high. AVB is already de-carb'd - no further cooking necessary.
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  18. Respectfully:
    Unless you yourself have personally eaten an ounce of weed (in which case I salute you; that's an epic dose!) I think that's incredibly irresponsible advice. Overdosing on edibles can be a very unpleasant experience, and new users should take it slow. :)
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  19. Pretty sure if u vaped all the thc it will barely get u high even if u ate 5g

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