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  1. Hi guys could do with some help if possible it would be appreciated so i started 20 auto blueberry from seedsman 5 weeks a go and some of them are flowering really well about 5 of the 20 are flowering and looking about right for their age. Another 10 of them are just beginning to show signs of flowering and the last 5 are not even showing any signs of flowering! 
    Really not sure what to do been thinking maby just cut them down and put some c99 seeds in as i have a bunch of c99 but then it feels like a waste to chop and bin 20 plants that ive paid $120 in electric for the last 5 weeks. 
    So what you all think? should i put them on 12/12, cut and bin them or the final option would be to just wait. 
    one that is flowering well
    one thats just flowering
    And one that as far as i can see is not flowering
    Thanks in advance fellow growers 

  2. I mean honestly should a plant be looking like this after 5 weeks??
  3. I'd wait them out. There was a gap between some of the plants so maybe they're maturing. I'd give it a week. If nothing, 12/12 for a week. If nothing then I'd chop em. I'd back off on the water a bit too. They look a little droopy.
  4. Well I guess only the one looks droopy. Hard to tell because they are upside down.
    Thanks for the reply The Hunter will give them another week then do a week of 12/12 if still nothing. Only two things that are worrying me is #1 the pots are only 2L soda bottles and they could easily run out of space and #2 Time is money in this hobby longer the lights on more the electric costs. 
    Just dont want to be waiting 3 months more or anything as if i did it wouldn't be worth it with the size of the electric bill compared to starting a new batch of seeds.
    What do you think about re planting them into 10L pots? i know autos dont like it but not sure which is worse cramped roots or the stress of a re plant.
    Thanks :)
  6. Plus in these tiny pots watering is a big issue i water every 4 days as they are only 2L in volume and under a 600w light in a small 1x1 meter grow tent will observe the soils moisture more before watering though good point :)
  7. I dunno about the transplant. Haven't grown any autos so I don't know their behavioral patterns. I think there is an auto section somewhere here. Better off to ask them. I would transplant as roots go crazy during flower but I don't want to give you the wrong advice. I hear you on the electric bill. Just go straight to 12 then. It would just suck lose all that yield. Hope everything works out well make sure you update so I know what happened. Definitely try to find that section though. They'll probably be able to help you better than I can about the flowering issue too. Good luck.
  8. Dont tramsplant you will shock dont top dont defoliate
    I normally grow in 11 ltr pots so small pots aint great but you youa wanna transplant any do the ones thatvaint showing yet is ya best bet cause there still in veg technicly they still wont be happy. anyway id wait it out i had a unhappy bdm at 3 week was about 7 inches tall by the end it was 1m tall and yeilded 3oz under 250whps i also had 3 dark devils in there thay were tansplanted same again by the end theybdid me well at 1-1.5 each so a total so 6-7oz from them under 250w and i had another tent with 4 autos in 9.2oz off them under 250w hps so its possible and they looking good just wait it out a bit longer it can take 3-5.5 weeks to show sex depends on strain and pheno so give them longer youll be fine :) tho in future 6l min pot size 11l if you like big plants :)

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  9. Also the droop on the leave are you over watering them?? Let the soil dry out tge roit need to breathe on the next water add a drop of ya bud booster or some bloom nute might help kick start her

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  10. Wait why you 12/12ing them lol they dont need the light change they want 18/6 or 20/4 12/12 wont do anything unless it was a very unstable auto. Autos work on time not photo period

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