Need some tips from miamians

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by skimFL, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. eh i need some help from some local miamians, me and some friends went to maimi and fell in love lol, that city is the shit i felt like i was walking around in grand theft auto or some shit i was gettin offered weed and other things from random people like crazy then other times i felt like i was in an episode of laguna beach.. i dont think ugly chicks exist in miami? but anyways we think its our next destination to live.. but weee/ I am kinda discouraged if its a possible move.. considering we arent rich and we dont wanna be in a ghetto ass neighborhood where ill get fucked with everday.

    Im familiar with florida.. aka all the spanish speaking and so on so i dont need to hear about that.. and most my friends speak spanish anyways so i just know small phrases here and there.. but i also want to learn spanish so i think miami would help me be forced to learn it..

    But to the point what i want to know do YOU think it is possible for young guys who work in normal kitchen jobs (meaning we dont make 1200 a month.. i might hav this male modeling thing going for me just have to see so might start stackin a little more), i have a pitt bull, and no college education to find a place to live within 30 min from miami beach areas, close to public transportation and in a nieghborhood where chances of gettin shot are just normal. ive heard lil havana is pretty cheap and safe just gotta learn spanish.. but other then that idk where to begin to look cuz im not rich but im not hood.. imm talking like we dont wanna spend over $500 a person for rent AND utilities.. idk if anyone will be any help on here but thought id ask some stoners they seem to be more real about life..

    any suggestion of cities/areas would be appreciated cuz were overwelmed with all the places to look.. just gotta kinda be by the water, and easy to get to places where everyone gets shitfaced at night ya know.. like we dont wanna always be driving cuz fuck sofla traffic..thanks

    and by ghetto i mean gangs and violence... not old and rundown i could careless bout that

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