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Need some tips for first dab

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Spooshe, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Alright im gonna start this off by saying yes im 18+ lol...

    Anyways. im going to a friends house im 2 days and he has wax and im gonna be trying to dab for the very first time... He is also over 18 but his parents cant find out about me or him smoking and stuff, so I dont wanna be buggin out in front of them or anything, any tips for my first dab and how to control it and not die? lol
  2. If you're going to be in front of his parents don't do it lol you're going to be soooo ripped. Uncontrollably ripped. If it's decent stuff.
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  3. If you have to say you're over 18 chances are you are not...

    As for tips, how about being smart and NOT consuming the largest amount of drugs in your lifetime while around people you have to hide it from. Do it somewhere else, alone and where you can chill.
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  4. You're having a sleepover on saturday, aren't ya Billy?
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  5. Nah no sleepover just goin to chill for a few hours xD
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  7. EL OH EL
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  8. yo dude dope profile pic xD
  9. Right back at ya
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  10. When doing dabs, refer to this instructional diagram for understanding how high you will be.

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  11. Hungry now -.-
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  12. You make me want to try dabs
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  13. Wait so now he told me to go through with it anyways because he said the wax is a cartridge, so does that mean it's like a vape thing lmao
  14. Kinda, battery + cartridge of oil heated by a coil. It won't put you on the floor like a dab would.

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  15. ight cool thanks dude
  16. Still, expect to not be able to act normal at all.
  17. Expect to go kayoken times 10, but not super sayajin. Only a weed purist can get there.
  18. Does it last the same amount of time as normal weed?

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