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  1. Hey blades, first of all i want to say this might be a bit long but i'd like to have some tip from you guys.Second excuse my grammar error because im from quebec and i speak french so english is my second language.

    Let's start by some background, im 19 and almost never had a girlfriend only once and it was nothing serious and i can add that im still virgin wich is pretty lame for my age. Im not really good with the girl because im really shy and its like i dont know how to talk to a girl or something.

    And now there is this girl. i know her form highschool and since we are just friends.
    highschool is over and now i see her once in a while like 1 time a month. we are some good friend but inside me since i knew i'd like to be with this girl because she is perfect for me i always loved her but never had the guts to tell her. When we were in high school she had a boyfriend but since the end of school she is single.Each time i see her now i'd like to tell her what i feel but i dont know what word to use and what kind of place to be to ask this and wich moment to place the word. i can't express my feeling but i'd love to be with her or at least know her answer. But if its a no i feel that our friendship would be a bit akward after that and i would not want to loose her as a friend beacause of this.

    so thats what i feel gc any tip or help would be nice thank you!
  2. "Cut the shit, It's time to fuck."

    But seriously.... There are far too many pansies trying to pick up girls and wondering why its going wrong. Girls like confidence, so being a little bitch is going to get you no where but the friend zone. Sure you might be nice, but nice gets sympathy not sex.

    So you have two choices, you can either tell her your feelings and date her for a bit/risk your friendship if she does not share them. Or realize "perfect" girls are everywhere and keep your friendship going and find someone else.
  3. ^ not everyone's goal in life is to fuck as many chicks as they can

  4. ehh those are usually the people that end up in the friendzone
  5. You really just have to go for it and not worry about the consequences. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard the old "I would hate to ruin our friendship" excuse....sorry...that's just BULLSHIT. Just go for it.

    Friends come and go.
  6. What kind of help of you need bro ???

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  7. Just let her know how you feel. You might as well know now, instead of looking back in 5 years and saying "you wish....."
  8. You say you only see her once a month, so next time you do ask her out, don't even put too much thought into it, just be like "how about dinner, and a movie so we catch up, and whatnot". Come on dude, you're French, you should be ballin at this.
  9. Girls are attracted to confident men who do not appear to be too needy. Girls like a challenge - with that being said, there is a difference between cockiness and confidence. Confidence is shown when you act as if you are proud of who you are and what you do, cockiness is shown when you decide to let everyone else know how great you are. Confident men find the girls that want to build relationships with them, cocky men often end up with a lot of rejection, one night stands and short term relationships built off of sex.

    Depends on what you want really
  10. [quote name='"[[jamminout']]"]

    ehh those are usually the people that end up in the friendzone[/quote]

    Haha i think you misinterpreted my comment. I have maybe one girl I know that I would consider a "friend" girls are usually shitty friends. I just meant it's not everyone's goal to fuck as many girls as they can

  11. i wouldn't say that girls are shitty friends though....It's a really good thing to have close friends that are of the opposite gender

    random though, has anyone posted the ladder theory on here?
  12. Well the I just disagree with you. And what's the ladder thing?
  13. truth...but i gotta get at least 5 under my long as I find the most AWESOME one at the end. (not intrested in fucking common sluts. If im gonna have sex with a chick, she's gonna be unique and worth my time.)
  14. Say what's on your mind bruh.

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