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  1. Hey . Anyone seen this before only about 5 plants out of 50 have this happened 3 days ago...
    I am Very seasoned in full season.
    But these are autoflowers( first time ) about 5 weeks in give or take.
    They have had 1 feeding 3 weeks ago in veg ( Raw npk brand ...vitamin b ,raw grow all in one, yucca, )
    1 foiler feeding 2 weeks ago with ( kelp extract)
    And one feeding on half the plants
    Of ( raw saluables..phosphorus and potassium with yucca and vitamin b)
    My soil is pure organic black dirt mixed with aged compost perlite and peatmoss with bone meal as my phosphorus source. I have not amended the soil with any sort of nitrogen. As these are autoflower I did not want to risk delay into flower.
    I find it hard to believe this is a nutrient burn and my ph ranges between 6.3 and 6.7 never have I missed a beat on my Ph.
    I did forgot to ph my soil and started the show with a nutrient deficiency witch I corrected by flushing each pot with 3 gallons of ph perfect water ( from the river).
    After flushing I did not re add any nutrients to the soil until I added my bloom booster phosphor and potassium.
    How I did not need nitrogen is what I'm thinking it could be. I think the river may have nitrogen run off in the water from nearby corn and soy fields. Could that those burn tips actually be a nitrogen burn? Give in all the facts if i flooded the pots and never added nitrogen even from the start how did i not develope a deficiency and do you think the nitrogen content in river could actually be funding this campaign?
    Maybe its nothing I'm not worried but piece of mind would be nice. For next year. Any insight or maybe it's something completely diffrent.
    Fyi: the hydroton is only 2 inches deep it keeps the squirrels from digging up my soil searching and stealing seeds.
  2. I think they look pretty good. Have you had any of the lower fan leaves yellow and drop which would indicate a nitrogen deficiency?
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  3. Cactus edd.... no yellowing at all. I allso have kept em pretty clean and high of lower growth from day 1 .
    Good point tho I don't have a deficiency I was more concerned of a nitrogen toxicity burn. If the river is full of nitrogen run off from agricultural farming 100ft away. Then I was concerned about the "nitrate" nitrogen as farmers spread pig crap on the fields. I feed with the amonical form of nitrogen so burning was never an issue. Now this tip burn is new to me if I'm feeding my plants with pig sh## water and it just caused a burn then I have another problem on my hands. But if someone can identify the cause of the burn no matter how important it may seem now. I can then identify " how" it got this way. Any insight appreciated and welcome brainstorming is key allways
  4. They are all autos.....same strain? With auto's.....even seeds that are the exact same strain from the exact same plant has a high potential for different thought is that the "concerned 5" were just a little weaker than the others in handling nutes.....I'd say it's just a bit of nute burn on em....
  5. Kronik352.. I bet your spot on .. they are all autos I have 6 or 7 diff varieties running.
    I have allways planted from clones due to volume planted for full season .. so I have never had the issue you suggested.
    But with every plant having diffrent Gene's as "seed starts" there is a very likely possibility one of the kids prefers vanilla over chocolate.. Thank you for that.
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  6. Cactus edd... just an update.
    I sat on the issue I mauled it over and over for a the last couple days.
    Is it a burn? Or is it a deficiency?
    Obviously 1 way will succeed one way will make the issue worse.
    Yesterday it noticed the plants kinda stopped growing and just ever so slightly I noticed very very slight pale color in my lower canapoy on a handful of plants .
    You were right.. I know it goes without saying i flushed all the nitrogen out of the soil during my soil PH fix.
    But I had to choose how to feed them . It was a hem and haw moment .
    I did not have any ( plain ) nitrogen. And being 2 weeks into flower on an autoflower I broke the rule of feeding your plants a vegatative nutrient during first flower. But I had no choice so I went ahead. Just a very very diluted ratio for sure.
    This morning everyone is standing at attention they loved it. Thanks for the insight.
    Pics shows : new growth taken this AM 20190726_080546.jpg

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