Need some timing opinions

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  1. E24F7D0D-4870-4CCC-8E34-455F62A42EF1.jpeg Happy flowering!
    So I do t know what week I’m in. Only have one grow season for reference!
    I’m thinking week 2 of flowering...? A week since saw the first beginnings.

    And also...sorry not sorry non-organic...

    Big Bud. Only for week 2-4 of bloom? Then just the reg regime?

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    Looking Good !

    as you say Organic you know the word

    maybe one day?

    another 3 weeks for the plant
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  3. Very good! Thanks for the info
    Organic is better...does using sheep manure from a farm pile count
  4. only if well rotted down

  5. It sure was!
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