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  1. Barneys Farm hooked it up, nyc diesel autoflowering seeds.

    I planted two in separate pots, and three days in I started to think "did I plant them too deep?" (Using 400w hps with a low speed fan inside tent. Running 75% light power)

    After doing some careful digging, found one seed starting to crack open. The other pot, the seed has germinated and it's tap root was in place. The seed started to form the classic "hook with seed at the end" complex. To my original hypothesis, I did plant them too deep.


    The seed that was cracked, I tilled the soil, dug much shallower, 1/4 inch, planted with the cracked side down, sprayed some water. The soil was still moist anyway.

    The seed with the tap root, I dug out much of the surrounding soil. I then leveled around the germy, sprayed minute amount of water on the germy, covered it lightly, and sprayed some more water.

    You think this disruption will cause the seeds to become unusable? I think I really did a good thing for the germies. Time will tell, but I'd like some opinions.
  2. It should be fine dude as long as the tap root hasn't been damaged. I find the best way is to soak seeds in water for 12 hours then put in your grow medium pointy end down. takes 3-4 days to germ most of the time. Try to be patient and give them atleast a week before you start digging em back up.
  3. They will pop. Now litfa!!

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