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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Hey all. I'm looking for a few blades who are pretty good with electronic circuits and such. I want to improve my bong by adding a water level sensor, and smoke detector :D.. The water sensor will just light a small LED at correct water level. a The smoke detector will also light a small LED at a certain smoke concentration. It would be cool as fuck because I've never heard of it.. And this isn't a 'Because I need' thing. It's a 'Because I CAN' type thing, ya know... Just combining two things I enjoy. SO, I need some ideas on what to use for the smoke detector. If there a way I can lower the sensitivity in the common household photo-electric smoke detectors?

  2. Lol, guess yer right there..Thanks for the quick response.
    Well there are two types of smoke detectors. Ones that use a small amount of radiation inside (Didn't want to go that route) And ones that use a photo-electric beam. When smoke enters, it scatters the light onto a photocell, triggering the alarm. I just need to figure out how to lower the sensitivity of it. As for the toggle switch, are you suggesting to just put something that floats on the end of the toggle? That probably would work.
  3. Hey, I've been trying to look info up online, but it's a little difficult considering what I need. The float circuit won't be a problem. Something else I was thinking of using is an O2 sensor instead of smoke detector. Although I don't know if the O2 sensor will work the same with smoke as it does with oxygen/fuel.
    edit: After a little bit more research on O2 sensors, I found they won't work. So scratch that idea..
  4. you should soooo do this as a cts course for school and see if you can get credits title it "24th century bong" with lights and photon torpedos bnaha im so fucked right now but yes... that would be SWEET

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