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  1. So for the past year i have been daily smoking, with a random day maybe once a month where i go without smoking. I don't smoke alot tho, i can make eights last 2 weeks, i just like a small bowl in the later half of the day. I've thought i may have some tolerance cause im always buying dank as i can get sometimes as high as 60bucks but i seriously have a hard ass time going a few days without it, especially when i have money, connections and friends. I know i could quit if some of those disappeared but i doubt that will happen.

    I need some support, i know some of you blaze eights a day and my petty smoke is nothing thats kinda what i wanna hear, and some advice on getting over that first hump of a t break, i need to get to that 3 or 4 day so i have a reason to continue, cause right now its like well dang that t break didn't work out guess ill try when this bag is gone.

    I'm just scared that if most ppl (close family, non-smoking friend, ect) found out i smoke daily they will instantly think im a addict/stoner, i dont think im an addict i'd never kill anyone for it but i work my ass off i got money and i love to get high.
  2. Cannabis isn't addictive so you shouldn't have a hard time stopping smoking unless you have an addictive personality.

    You can do it man. Anyone can stop smoking weed.
  3. Mind over matter. If you tell yourself no it shouldnt be a problem.

    If you have weed that, say, is your brothers and he doesnt mind if you take a lil nug or something, when you have the urge, do something else instead. Instead of running for his stash go get a drink, and a snack, and watch some tv, or read a book.

    You just have to force yourself.
  4. yeah i thought i was gonna have a problem about a month ago when i quit for bout 10 days. no problem. watch out at about a week off the stuff though, i had a small bout of depression which i attribute to not smoking but it might have just been me.
    New situations help too. go on vacation and dont smoke while ur gone. stay away from ur smoking buds or smoking related websites *ahem* grasscity *ahem*
    GL, it wont be too hard. especially since u really dont smoke all that much, i mean compared to the impression i get that most of GC is high all the time. i hit a bowl a day or so and i make my eighths last a week+.
  5. thanks guys,

    i really dont think im addicted i just thing that because i have the money for it and i truely believe its not bad especially the small amount i smoke that i dont need to stop. But i have to admit a small part of me would love to take a few weeks off, ill let you guys know how it goes, thanks again.
  6. hey man i used to be the same way i had just got a new job were i was makin like 60 a day in tips on top of pay check so i smoke every day. i still smoke a lot but have no prob takin 4 to 10 day brakes just find something to keep u occupied and also ur body and mind will feel mad refreshed after like after 3 days and make u value smokin and look foward to it well at least thats the way i am

    good luck man let me know how it wrks out
  7. if an 1/8 lasts 2 weeks, you have no tolerence, you dont need a t-break.
  8. that's what's so great about marijuana. you can smoke a lot constantly and stop with no really hard withdrawls other than the usual depression. but that's completely normal considering you took a drug everyday and just stopped, it's the risk of smoking everyday vs. just week ends. oh and money of course for most people.

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