Need Some Suggestions.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by thatoneguy1991, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Well I have had some ideas running through my head for the last couple weeks now, but not sure if they are going to work out how i want them too, ibe decided that i want to have probly 4 plants going at a time going for some perpetual action :D but i want to do movable scrogs. 4 scrogs at a time in each stage of growth, but only 1 plant under each screen but heres the catch, the screens are going to be 4'x4' and im planning on doing either an 18 gallon hempy bucket, or a 15 gallon bubble bucket/ and or aeroponic misting system. i want to put a 1000 watter over each screen now do you think if a plant is under 1000 watts of mh light for 2 months, will it have enough light to fill that screen up almost the entire way, or could i get away with 1 1000 watter and possibly a 400 watter for te first month of veg, and use the 1000 for second. Next question is going to be do you think i should get a serperate around 500 cfm blower/canfan/whichever to exhaust my vented hoods? or just use 1 larger 800-1200 cfm fan? what do you all think? i want all opinions negative or posetive, everything helps from your experience with these types of grows and maybe something you havent done but what you might want to check out?

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