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    I'm planning my first grow in some old protein powder jugs (real micro grow here..and just learning) My question pertains to soil/germination.

    Basically I'm just a wee bit confused on the germination issue. Should I start them off in something like:

    [ame=] Jiffy 5032 Professional Greenhouse 25-Plant Starter Kit: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    and transplant them into the jugs/soil after they've sprouted? or just get a soil mixture like:

    [ame=] Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil 12Qt.: Home & Garden[/ame]

    and just start off completely in the jugs and watering the soil, then putting the seed 1in in the soil and lowering the CFLs? I wouldn't really be moving the jugs or anything so I think this is where I'm getting don't HAVE to transplant correct? You can just start where you plan to grow can't you?

    Or am I misunderstanding and need BOTH a seed mixture AND a grow mixture? One for seeding and one with the proper NPK ratings to transplant to?
  2. Many nutritious potting soils will burn small seedlings. There are alot of people who get away with using regular soil for seedlings but it's safer to use seed starter soil or a smilarly inert medium, at least for your first try.

    There are many different approaches to germination and quite a few work very well. Personally, I use a damp paper towel to germinate seeds. Once the roots are out, they are planted in plastic cups filled 2/3 of the way with seed starter soil. These cups are covered in plastic wrap with two finger-sized holes punched through, rubber-banded to the cup. This keeps the humidity up until the seedlings shed their shells and the plastic wrap is removed. Once the little ones start growing their three-bladed leaves, they begin to need weak nutrients and are transplanted into larger pots of nutritious soil with worm castings and other amendments.

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