need some stoner toys

Discussion in 'General' started by shifty, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. i have a 30 dollar pre paid debit card and in 3 days its going to charge a monthly fee or some bull crap so i need to spend it. i dont want any new piece or anything i just need some cool ass toys that flashes or some trippy things that i can mess around with when me and my friends are stoned. help me out before my money goes away
  2. Go buy gasoline
  3. what he said hahaha
  4. smoke and then go buy some munchie food
  5. If you need help spending money somethings wrong.
  6. i have a fiber optic tree that changes colors in different patterns... :metal:
  7. second
  8. lol its not that i have money to spend, its just that in 3 days the card company will take like 5 dollars out so i need to spent all of it and for gas and food i use another card my parents gave me for college. lol someone has to know a a trippy ass toy
  9. lol why dont you just buy gas anyway? you'll be saving your parents 30 bucks.
  10. Go look at all the toys and gadgets on ThinkGeek.
  11. give it to me ill spend it =]. a laser pointer
  12. Buy a good frisbee:D

    You won't regret it.;)

    (edit) ^^ holy shit he had the exact same idea as me. must be a good idea.
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  14. There it is.
  15. lemme have it so i can buy books for school?
  16. get baked and take your lady/guy to applebees or chilis
  17. munchie food, gas, drinks, lazer pointer,theres so much bull shit to buy!

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