Need Some Smart People Who Are Good At Math To Help Me With This Quiz

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  1. got this take home quiz thats due today, need some help, i think i missed the lecture where he explained how to do these types of problems.

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    I've gotten A+ in statistics, financial calculus and trig, but I have not the slightest clue wtf its asking.

    Edit: nvm I see....its asking what the relation is D:E, which D is increasing by 2 and E by 1, therefore the relation is 2:1.

    Second question is when E=233, D=?

    Since they're equal at 6, we can say that 6 = time 0, or the starting point.
    If E=233, then D= 2 x 233

    D = 466
  3. so
    D 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 ..ect
    E 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ..ect
     E(233) = D (?) 

  4. Fuck that shit. 
  5. seriously desperate he gives out 6 quizes for the whole quarter i missed 2 because i never went to class. took 2 in class and got a 14/20 and 20/20. there's only 2 quiz's left and this is one of them he gave us to take home and its due today.
    if you can show how you did it on paper and write out every step ill send you some money through paypal
  6. I'll do it

    Cash only
  7. 5 bucks, and if i get an A ill give you another 5
  8. damn guys i dont even know what symbol that is inbetween the 233 and E on the second fucked
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    I'll pm u my phone # for payment thanks

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  10. this man right here...fuckin smart
  11. thanks man you really came thru. but i thought you said D=466 but then on your paper it says D=472
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    Ignore my first post....I thought about it and it didn't make sense, forgot to account for the fact that you started at, 6 what's on the paper is right

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